Good intentions

30 Jul

I have had a very busy month, did you miss me?  I was lucky enough to visit my family in Michigan and take a trip with my hubby to Mexico.  I haven’t taken a trip that didn’t involve work (for me or my husband) since I started Tough Chik in 2009.  In a perfect world these 2 trips wouldn’t be back-to-back, but hey what world is perfect?

My first trip was to Lake Huron Michigan to visit my grandparents, mom and her hubby, uncle and cousins.  It was great, super chill and great weather.  I was able to run every day but one and was very proud of myself.  Since we were at the “cottage”, I was able to really control my food and limited my alcohol intake. (I mean it is vaca, right?)

My mom (Tough Old Bird Jr.), My Granny (the Original Tough Old Bird) and Me (Tough Chik)

My Cousin (and Tough Chik Super Model) Leah and Me

I arrived home from Michigan and less than a week later, I was back on a plane and off to Mexico!  My husband was celebrating his 40th birthday and we wanted to “escape” for a few days.  My husband hates to check bags and this started way before they started charging bag fees.  This translates to only travel size liquids and limited luggage space.  Our whole goal was to relax, so I gave in and did not bring running shoes, a shorts bra, nutin!  And I was regretting it day 1, never again.  I went the whole trip without working out, five whole day and I was freaking a little.  I should have, could have, made it work and added in a few work outs on my trip and I just didn’t.  Every morning when I would see folks leaving the gym covered in sweat a pang a guilt would hit me and I was so pissed I didn’t bring my running shoes.  Oh well, live and learn.  I will never leave the house without my running shoes!

My trip was great, we did a lot of fun stuff, blah blah blah…

Snorkeling in a cenota


Real coconut water!

I don’t know about you, but every flight home I come up with a plan on how I am going to revolutionize my training.  It is like a mini New Year’s resolution.  After this trip I am going to start food journaling again and get up early a weight train 3 times a week.  That was my goal when I got home.  We got home late Wednesday afternoon and it have been a long day (up since 3AM) so I gave myself a break and I would start on Thursday.  On Thursday I went to the grocery store and loaded up on fruit and veggies.  That night I ran my 5K loop and PRed!  Yes!  On Friday afternoon it started…the scratchy throat.

It is Monday and I have been sick as a dog since Friday!  I got through one day of the new improved Shannon and then this darn cold decided that I was going in a different direction!  Such a waste of motivation!


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