Getting My Mojo Back

25 Jul

Angela- Team Tough Chik Co Captain here…

Life has been crazy the last few months!  New job, new boyfriend, new battle wounds, new travels, and yet I haven’t been channeling my inner Tough Chik like I would like to be.  The new job requires 95% travel, which is great, and has taken me to some fun places, and I get to visit a lot of friends… however training and race time has taken a big back seat… 

Im a mountain biker by trade, and an enjoyer of all other things outdoors and recess time!  When race season started I had big expectations… I was hoping to line up on the start line and rip some legs off  (that is something we say in mountain biking when we crush the competition).

Well it turned out my legs got ripped off instead week after week.  I lost my race mojo, and with the constant travel, well it made training a lot harder and my fitness went down, and I started to get frustrated when I would go on a ride and would notice the definite lack or decline in my fitness.  I felt like I was stronger last year… thats not supposed to happen.

So at the end of the season, and the races were over for the local So Cal Series… I decided to take some time off and not race.  Instead I went to the races and enjoyed cheering on and helping my friends and my man.  I started going on fun rides with friends, and found myself taking time to conquer technical sections that before I would just walk.  Now I would take time, study the section, and then try it until I rode over a technical section without crashing/ putting my foot down/ stopping.  It was sooo fun.  I loved it.  So my mojo started to return.  My love for cycling was still there, I had just gotten frustrated with it, and it was mostly my fault… I had taken myself too seriously, put too many expectations on myself, and I wasn’t having fun anymore.

Riding with fellow team mates and good friends definitely helps pick you up when you are down!

So I decided to only have fun.  I have a few races on the schedule with some friends, but I will be out there smiling, and having fun like I used to.

I will have that bow back on my helmet, and some streamer on the bike, with some knee high argyle socks, and a smile on my face the whole time!

Photo courtesy of Pink Shorts Photography:

Smiling Tough,



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