2014 Team Tough Chik – Meet Jessica, Michelle and Sue!

20 May


Name: Jessica S.

Location: Miramar, Florida

Sport of Choice: Running, Triathlon

Hobbies: aside from my life hobbies of Running and Triathlon, my family enjoys boating, model airplanes, RC cars, bike riding, and any other outdoor activities.

2014 Race Plans: 2014 is a big year for me as I embark on many new adventures. I plan to continue in my new Triathlon endeavors with more Sprints, and potentially an Int’l and Oly distance. I will be continuing the HM’s with at least 3 on the schedule, and my biggest planned accomplishment is to complete my first full marathon next December

What makes you a Tough Chik? BELIEVING in my physical abilities. I have only been in the running sport for 3 years and my 1st tri this year and the only thing holding me back is me. I am a full-time out of the home working mom with a police husband working nights. I juggle the school nights of our 2 kids and their swimming mostly alone, but have made it a priority to fit in time for me to be healthy to inspire them.

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? none i thought i couldn’t live without my running watch until it broke

What is your favorite inspirational phrase? When you need something to Believe in…. start with yourself.

Fun Fact: I was born at 30 weeks at 4lbs 4 oz and my parents were told to have very low expectations. At 34 years old I have a Bioengineering Degree, have an awesome job designing/developing Heart Pumps (LVADs) and continuously exceed my fitness goals for running and now Tri-ing. Eat that dr’s in 1979 🙂


Name: Michelle V.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Sport of Choice: Running, biking, triathlon in that order. But I love riding my cruiser bike anytime!

Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, hiking, drawing, crocheting, anything fun and creative.

2014 Race Plans: Surf City Half
San Diego Medio Fondo
OC Half

Fall racing not yet determined

What makes you a Tough Chik? I don’t give up easily

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? My phone. It connects me to family, friends and the internet.




Name: Sue S.

Location: Gettysburg, PA

Sport of Choice: Running

Hobbies: Running
My kids!

2014 Race Plans: April 27, 2014 -Run Like A Diva Half Marathon Myrtle Beach
May 31, 2014 – Zooma Annapolis
June 21, 2014 – Spirit of Gettysburg
November, 2014 – Richmond Marathon (Hopefully!)

What make you a Tough Chik? Life makes me a Tough Chik! I had three little girls in FOUR years, and then was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I had surgery, radiation, and today still deal with it. Having kids to care for though doesn’t give you an opportunity to hesitate. Life goes on and you need be the best example to your children that you can.

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? IPOD Nano

What is your favorite inspirational phrase? We Create Our Own Tomorrow By What We Dream Today

Fun Fact:I love anything with flowers, or plaid! Mornings

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