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I am alive…I promise!

13 Nov

So sorry for my absence, but it has been a very crazy month.  Between traveling to expos, team registration and processing team orders, my blog has take a back seat.

I have done a few fun things!  On Sunday we had a great turn out for our second Tour de Tough Chik.  We had 15 Toughies show up for a lovely 20 miles ride up and down the Pacific Ocean.

photo964283_10153437041735392_2051112848_o 886444_10153437042545392_131756562_o 7703_10201797881723045_705390508_n 1451999_10200779239138592_2043046381_n

It was so much fun to meet some of our new members in person and catch up with a few old friends.  I hope that we can make this a regular event.  A huge thank you to Theresa for helping me organize the ride and sweeping!

We are more than running, biking and triathlon!

15 Oct

Many of our Team Tough Chik members do more than running, biking and swimming.  We have interests all over the board, but yes most of us are running, cyclists and triathletes.  We do have a few trail blazers, and Crystal is the epitome of a TOUGH CHIK.  I asked for her to share her love for archery with Tough Chik Nation!  I know I learned a lot and I am sure you will enjoy this too!


Chances are if you watched the London Olympics last year, you probably watched some of the archery competition, as it was the #1 viewed sport. There were some great matches, with USA’s Khatuna Lorig in the bronze medal match and the men’s team beating the favorites (Koreans) to bring home the silver. Even if you didn’t watch any of the archery in the Olympics, chances are you have either watched some archery matches on YouTube (#2 watched sport) or been exposed to some form of archery in other ways, from the popular Hunger Games and Brave movies, Nock Out and Arrow tv shows, or you or someone you know hunts with a bow.

One of the great things I LOVE about the sport of archery is it truly is a sport for everyone. In fact, just a little over a year ago, I had no idea archery was even a sport. I had heard about local 3d archery from Rich (my husband) who had done some with his dad growing up, but until I watched the London Olympics, archery wasn’t even on my radar.

In fact, it was during this time that Rich challenged me to a duel in the backyard. Naturally, I was not about to back down from a challenge, so I picked up an old hunting bow to shoot against him. I easily beat him, so he decided winner was best out of 3 ends. Well needless to say this continued for nearly an hour, with Rich not winning a single end.

We had been looking for a new hobby that we could do together (we had tried biking and had both raced mountain bikes, but he was considerably faster making it frustrating trying to spend time together on the bike). Rich decided it was time to take me to a range, since it was something we could easily do together, no matter how good either of us got.

As a competitive person who has always dreamed of competing in the Olympics one day, I naturally decided to buy a recurve bow with hopes of someday getting good enough to qualify. I struggled with the recurve bow all fall, never truly enjoying myself, as I felt awkward and unnatural with it. On a whim, I entered the local shop’s event in the compound division and shot with a cheap hunting bow. I put up a pretty respectable score, but more importantly I knew this was the type bow for me. Even though it meant giving up my lifetime dream of someday making the Olympics, I sold my recurve bow and got a target compound bow for Christmas…not realizing this was about to completely change my life.

After being successful locally, I decided to try my hand at some national level tournaments, with my sights set on making the US National Team. The schedule was not in my favor, both as a new archer AND someone living in the cold Northeast, so I didn’t hit my strides until later in the season (and therefore did not make the team). I did, however, place 4th at the US Open (last day of the National Target Championships) and began to get equipment sponsors. And in August (just 9 months after getting my bow), I was offered the opportunity to become a professional archer. It was a tough decision, but with Rich’s support, I quit my job and will now be competing across the World as a pro.

Having competed in MANY sports growing up, from local to international level, I can honestly say the sport of archery as a whole is the most open and welcoming group I have ever met. There are people competing of all ages (friend of ours is a 5 time Olympian who didn’t make his first Olympic team until he was 36!), all walks of life, and all body types! In my mind it truly is a sport where hard work is rewarded, not just genetics.

The other aspect of archery I truly enjoy is the fact that you train your entire body. Yes, there is a huge physical component to archery, and as a beginner this is where the bulk of your time is going to be devoted. You not only need to build up archery specific muscles, but you will need to learn proper form and technique. In fact, you’re probably surprised to learn that very little arm strength is actually involved in shooting. Drawing a bow (correctly/safely) uses your back muscles, specifically the LAN 2 area (if you have ever swam the butterfly you know which muscles I’m referring to) in an angular motion, not simply a linear pull with your arms. This is one of the biggest mistakes you see beginners make, and it leads to injury if not done properly. In addition, brute strength is less of an issue in competitive archery because there are limits on bow poundage, arrow speed, etc to keep the playing field as level as possible.

From there it becomes more of a mental game as you progress. You are focused on making a “perfect” shot every shot for 60, 72 or even 144 arrows in a single day of competition. This is mentally taxing if you are not mentally strong. You also have to work on distraction training and being truly “in the moment” for the shot, which I’ve found can be a great stress reliever for those who have trouble shutting off their brains.

The final piece to archery competition, and probably the least known by those outside the sport, is the equipment. Your body and mind can be at 100%, but if your equipment isn’t, you will not win at the top level. You can think of Nascar, where a single bad tire change can cost you the race, the same is true of archery. The bow, the arrows, the rest, etc must all be tuned to you and each other. Just because something works for one archer, doesn’t mean it will work for another. This is one area I see a lot archers wasting time and money. They see one of the top archers shooting a particular setup, and they quickly copy, thinking it will result in a better score for them, when if fact, it could have the opposite effect.

As I mentioned, typical training for an archer will vary, depending on skill, time available and goals. Typically, beginners may shoot 2-3 days a week, with as much as ½ of this time not even with a real bow in their hands. They can work with stretch bands and other equipment to get used to the proper form (shooting with improper form or too much weight too soon easily leads to injuries). Their training will progress can progress to a more intermediate level where they are shooting arrows 3-5 days/week, and they are now beginning to incorporate archery specific drills into their shooting. These drills will work on both the physical AND mental aspects of archery (shooting faster/slower, shooting under pressure or with distractions, aiming off of the center, etc). And as a professional, I will be spending a much higher percentage of my time on my equipment vs shooting my bow. This is not to say I will be shooting any less, but instead of shooting 14 hours in a week and tuning my equipment just 1 hour, I might now shoot now shoot for 16-20 hours and tune for 4-5.

One thing you might be curious about is what about non-archery training. Do archers cross train, and if so what do they do? Here again I would say it is very individualized. I don’t think there is one answer across the board. You could easily talk to 10 professional archers and get 10 different opinions. From my own quest for knowledge I will say that very few spend time in the weight room. Some, like myself, do Flexor (a strength/balance program), planks, pushups, and/or some type of core strengthening that will give you an advantage in windy conditions. In terms of cardio or aerobic exercise, I would guess its probably about 50/50, those that do and don’t. Many that don’t say it is a time issue with their travel schedule, but they will acknowledge they see benefit to it. Ultimately, I don’t think any one activity (swimming, running, skiing, etc) is the secret to becoming a better archer. It’s more about improving your overall health (less chance of getting sick with a crazy travel schedule), allowing you to have better breathe control (helps in pressure situations and when making a long shot), and helping you to avoid injuries and make it through an entire day of competing.

If you are interested in archery either as a sport (or just a hobby), I encourage you to reach out to me and/or your local range. Archery is very rewarding on so many levels, and my only regret is that I didn’t know about the sport earlier in life. And finally, as a female, I must say I enjoy getting to customize the colors of all my equipment. In fact, maybe you’ll want to go with the tough chik colors to represent if you decide to give archery a try.

If you want to follow Crystal’s journey, log on her archery website is http://crystalgauvin.com/ with a blog linked to the “journal” page. She also has a contact page, so you can get in touch with her directly for any questions!

Thank you Crystal for sharing your passion!

Top 10 reasons to be a Tough Chik – Guest Blogger – Jessica Langston

9 Oct

Top 10 reasons to be a Tough Chik
1.  You are probably thinking, “Am I tough enough?”  Here’s the answer: YES! Yes you are. You’re thinking about it, you are considering it, you ARE.  Who says what’s tough and what’s not?  YOU do. What’s tough for you may not be tough for me, and vice versa. You only have to be tough in your own mind, not compared to anyone else. And if you join the team, you have a shirt that says your tough. And if your SHIRT says it, well, then, duh, you are.
2.  You immediately are embraced and loved and encouraged by over 200 kickass women CHIKS. (OK, so I don’t blog, and I always think it’s the coolest thing when bloggers cross stuff out like that, so you might see that again in this list. Just sayin)
3.  You now have a connection to Chiks all over the country, and even some all over the WORLD!  If you are planning to do some races, or even take a vacation, chances are, there will be a fellow Toughie nearby. MEET UP WITH THEM!  You WON’T be sorry you did. I’ve had the chance to meet 3 awesome ladies in PERSON, and it has been the coolest thing.

  • Tara – Uh, I love her. We met in June in South Dakota, and both did the Deadwood Mickelson Trail half marathon.   We didn’t run together, we simply met up before the race, and found each other at the end. That’s it. Maybe 10 minutes total of together time. But when you meet someone FOR REAL, it makes them more real. Is that true? Heck, I don’t know, but it sounds good right?  Tara and I have really clicked, and she’s pretty freakin awesome.  We shared this race on our journey to Half Fanatic-dom and I think that gave us a jumping off point in getting to know each other.  We facebook message a lot, and we’ve sent each other little packages in the mail. It’s like having a grown up pen pal. How cool is that??  I encourage her, she encourages me. Got a long run this weekend? Pretend I’m with you. It works. I’m not kidding. Mile 8, I’m tired, in my head, there she is next to me, hey, it’s better. Seriously.


  • Jess and Lisa – Super cool chiks!  I got a 2 for one when I met these ladies.  We met just a few weeks ago at See Jane Run in Wichita.  Jess (as in Run with Jess who some of you may know from her blog) won an entry at the last minute. She drove about a million hours just to come run 13.1 miles. And then turn around and go home. Yep, that’s the kinda TOUGH chiks we are.  Opportunity knocks, we’re gonna kick in that door!  Lisa is from Wichita and I’d known all along I was going to get to meet her.  Since she was from there, I got to bug ask her all kinds of stuff about where to stay, where things were in relationship to the race, etc. Inside scoop!!  And talk about TOUGH, Lisa just had a baby this summer and here she is, out 5k-‘n it up like a champ!! Oh, and by the way, I kept Jess in my sights for about 9 miles, and stalked her down and got a PR because of it!


4.  Ok, so I talked about meeting people in real life. But for the 3 people I’ve met in the flesh, there’s plenty more I feel like are my friends now that I HAVEN’T actually met. And facebook friends, they’re like at least 90% as good as real ones, right?? Let’s face it, probably twice as good sometimes!
5.  Super awesome clothes/gear.  If you are like me, you love you some awesome workout clothes. I can’t even tell you the last time I went to a store and DIDN’T check out the athletic section.  It’s hard to find cute, and practical stuff! Well, Tough Chik has a whole line of clothes that ANYONE can buy, and they have super special stuff JUST for team members!!  You should have seen the facebook posts in our super secret group (I’ll get to that point later). But October 1 (first day of team registration) was like counting down to CHRISTMAS!!    I mean, check out this wonder chik top. Hello!! Have you ever seen anything MORE amazing??  And the tank top is this year’s team singlet. It says “This is what Tough looks like”. Its awesome, its comfy, its TOUGH.
jess3jess46.  Ok, time for the super secret group. We have a super secret facebook group. You can only be in it if you are on the team, and NO ONE else can see anything you post!  Cool huh? You can ask every embarrassing fitness related question you’ve ever wanted to ask. And I guarantee, in 5 miles minutes (ok, that was a for real typo, but that just cracked me UP when I was proofreading this that I typed miles instead of minutes!! Bahahaha!) you’ll have 16 answers and 27 funny stories, and 12 people that have had the same exact issue as you. (Ok, don’t quote me on the numbers, but its close.)  And not only fitness stuff, you can say anything else you want!  Had a craptastic day, and don’t want to gripe about your best friend that screwed you over on your own facebook page? Post here, you’ll get support, and no one in your everyday life will be any wiser about it. We even had someone tell us first that she was gonna be a grandma because she couldn’t announce it to the world yet, so yep, she told us first!   All your “real” friends sick of hearing about the 16 miles you ran? How fast they were? How you felt? About your marathon, triathalon, 5k, 1 mile swim…whatEVER…. Coming up?  Welp, we all wanna hear about it. I swear. Not joking. Yes, please, tell me more details. How did you feel at mile 6? Mile 12? At mile 18 you wanted to die?? Tell. Me. MORE!!!!

7.  Ok, my reasons have gotten a bit long winded. Let me try and wrap this up. Wanna do a ragnar relay? Boom….instant team if you are looking for one.
8.  Wanna know how that headband fits? Size comparison of a brooks shirt vs. a nike one?  Ask!  Someone will answer. HELL, someone will post pictures with exact MEASUREMENTS. I. am. Not. KIDDING.
9.  Have an injury that you are nursing and want to know if its your shoes, your socks, or your diet that’s causing it?  Again, someone’s been through it and has some AWESOME advice for you.
10.  This is the BEST, most amazing group of women on the planet. I could research that, but I don’t have to. I know it. In my heart.  If you want to be part of something special, this is it. We’ve got every level of fitness there is, from beginner, to someone that’s run 50 marathons.  And everything in between. We’re here to support each other, listen to each other, and just make new friends!  This is what you’ve been looking for. I promise. You’ll see.  (Dang it, I almost made myself cry when I reread all this.)


To learn more about Team Tough Chik, please visit http://www.toughchik.com/TEAMTOUGHCHIKINTRO.php

Guest Blogger – Walisa Dickson

7 Oct

 walisa 1

(Lil’ toughie next to me)

“Look, Ma! I made it!!” were the exact words I told my mother via Skype when I registered and became a part of Team Tough Chik (TTC) 2013. She didn’t understand what it meant to me to be a part of this team, but I guarantee she does now. Thank you to Shannon Renick Carson for allowing me this AWESOME opportunity as a guest blogger to rave about TTC.

 walisa 2

                  Food! I absolutely love food! The problem with our relationship, food and me, is that it loves me back WAY more than expected. I eat and it stays. Sometimes, I need for it to give me some space. We spent too much time together and it was beginning to show. It began to affect my health and overall happiness. After my 2nd child, I weighed in at a hefty 280lbs. My eyes were as big as a gigantic meatball when I saw the numbers appear on the scale. There are many reasons I did not want to be this size anymore, but more importantly, for ME.


walisa 3

                  I knew there was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be able to do it alone, so I invited my close friends to join me in this journey to break away from the food addiction and get healthy. We created a 4-month fitness challenge. We applauded, inspired, motivated, pushed, and yelled at each other throughout the challenge. We walked during breaks, lunches, and after work together. It was fun to be on this journey with people you absolutely love and would support you – no matter what. (Remember these words; they will appear in a similar fashion later in the story). We even joined walk events. I will always tell this story of an event we were to walk, but each of us RAN the majority of the way. It was the Cleveland 4-miler. We hyped one another to walk this event, but would run a little if we felt good, that would take us through 4 well-known Cleveland Sports Stadiums. We must have felt REAL good because we walked 1-mile and the other 3- miles were ran like a cupcake (I run for cupcakes) was at the finish line. I am telling you, I have never felt so accomplished, so energized, and so satisfied until that day. Unfortunately, the journey with the girls started breaking apart. We each had more responsibilities in our personal lives that would not allow us to get together as often as before.

 walisa 4

                  Slowly, but surely, I was turning back to food as a companion. My loneliness was short-lived because as I was perusing FaceBook (FB), when I came across a page that caught my interest. The statement, “All women have a personal story that makes them tough” caught my attention. I was thinking, “Hmmmm!” I do have a story, but I didn’t consider myself “tough”. Not at all. I continued to peruse. Throughout the page, you could clearly see this was not a gimmick or about selling anything. This group, this team, this family was about supporting women (no matter shape or size) who needed that extra motivation to a fitness goal. For some crazy reason, I decided to join. Glad I did!!

walisa 5

AMAZING group of women! I mean, INSPIRATIONAL with a topping of whip cream (yes, I still love my food).  TTC is a group of women who started a journey similar to mine (and yours), may have reached a goal, are setting a goal that they once thought was unreachable and/or has exceeded a goal. When I say Team Tough Chik, I am speaking of INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, CARING, FOCUSED, ASTONISHMENT, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Virtual love and support (there are those words again) that inspired me to train and run my FIRST Half Marathon in May 2013. I am now prepared to run my 4th Half Marathon in 4 days. I cannot truly express in words the dedication of the women whom I call my virtual sisters. They are my shoulders, my virtual punching bags, my advisors, ladies I can cry, laugh, and swear with because they understand the ups and the downs. They don’t judge me! They ARE the epitome of tough! I do not just wear “tough” or am in a “tough” group. Tough is a lifestyle. My mini-me’s use the word “tough” to let me know I CAN DO IT! There are moments when I want to throw in the towel, but I remember that I AM TOUGH and this is just another obstacle that I can overcome. That’s right! I said it, “My name is Walisa Dickson and I AM A TOUGH CHIK!” #toughie J

      walisa 6

Team Tough Chik

13 Sep

As you may know, I (Shannon) am not only the founder of Tough Chik, but I am also the co-captain of Team Tough Chik.  We will be opening registration for Team Tough Chik on October 1st.  We will announce registration on Facebook, Twitter, toughchik.com and here on the blog.  You can also sign up to receive an email notification if you sign up HERE.

If you are curious about what Team Tough Chik is all about, here is a great video that explains it better than any of us can put into words.

Tough Chik Tuesday – Meet Melissa!

9 Jul


We are winding down on the team introductions, so Melissa gets the stage to herself!  Meet Melissa a returning Teammate and a true Tough Chik!



Name: Melissa

Location: Albany, Oregon

Sport of Choice: Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking

2013 Race Plans: Corvallis Half, Albany Half, Runaway Pumpkin Half, several local and virtual 5ks and a sprint tri or two.

What makes you a Tough Chik: I get knocked down, I get back up (after a small pity party)! Getting back into fitness after gaining 70lbs due to inactivity and depression.  This team is a great help!

If you had a super power, what would it be? The power to be injury free!

Fun Fact: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Blog URL: http://itri4him.blogspot.com/

Tough Chik Tuesday! Meet Lisa and Helaine – 2 amazing Toughies!

25 Jun




Name: Lisa

Location: Wichita, KS

Sport of Choice: Swimming, Biking, Running

2013 Race Plans: A bunch of local 5ks  and my very first triathlon! (an indoor triathlon at the local YMCA) Plus a post pregnancy SEEJANERUN 5k in the fall.

What makes you a Tough Chik: Getting back into a fitness routine mid pregnancy (with my third) after a whole lot of down time. It’s not easy but I’ve finally come to realize how truly happy being active makes me.

If you had a super power, what would it be? Probably to teleport myself and others, so I could travel with my family without spending a lot of time or money to get there.

Blog URL: www.onefitstep.com




Name: Helaine

Location: Sugarloaf, Ca

Sport of Choice: Mud Run, Snow Shoe, Hiking, Cycling, Kayaking

2013 Race Plans: Irvine Summer of Mud, Apple Valley Rockin the Desert Mud Run, Snowshoe the Bear, Big Bear Paddlefest, Tour de Big Bear, Endure the Bear, Camp Pendleton Mud Run….. for starters.

What makes you a Tough Chik: I like to get out there for the fun of the event and to challenge myself

Tough Chik Tuesday – Meet Debbie, Kimberly & Melissa!!!

18 Jun


Name: Debbie

Location: Liverpool, NY (suburb of Syracuse)

Sport of Choice: Running, triathlon, resistance training

2013 Race Plans: February: Lake Effect Half Marathon; May: Mountain Goat 10 mile run; June: run portion of the Syracuse 70.3 relay; July: Boilermaker 15K, Save the River 10K; August: River Rat Sprint Triathlon; October: Empire State Half Marathon; various fall and holiday 5Ks after that

What makes you a Tough Chik: I doubt my abilities all the time, but I just push through them because I know its all in my head.  Also, finding time to train while working 3 part time jobs, building a crafting business, and become a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor makes me a Tough Chik!

If you had a super power, what would it be? I would make people be kind to each other because there’s so much hate in the world whether its behind the wheel, who your political party is, etc.

Fun Fact: I have a goal to be working on my own from home by the end of the calendar year…hopefully sooner!

Blog URL: I’m way behind on my blogging, but here it is:  http://mommystri-ing.blogspot.com/



Name: Kimberly

Location: Friendsville, TN

Sport of Choice: Running

2013 Race Plans: Knoxville Marathon relay, Ragnar Relay -Key West, and hopefully a fall marathon (would be my 2nd). I’ll also do a half marathon (or a few) and some local small races.

What makes you a Tough Chik: My weight loss running journey. I started this gig 4  years ago 90 lbs heavier running my first 5k in just under 49 minutes. I’m now a marathoner (albeit a slow one) but making huge strides daily in my journey to being a better runner (and healthier overall) all while juggling being a full time working mom of 2.

If you had a super power, what would it be? To wiggle my nose, stomp my feet and have a 100% clean house in 2 seconds flat.

Blog URL:  http://KimertRuns.blogspot.com



Name: Melissa

Location: San Diego

Sport of Choice: Running, Weight Training

2013 Race Plans: January: Tinkerbell Half Marathon

February: Dirty Girl Mud Run, Mermaid Series Half Marathon, Lady Speed Stick Half Marathon

March: San Diego Half Marathon, Hot Chocolate 15k

April: Hollywood Half Marathon and depending on my cloning abilities, I will be running at least one of these: La Jolla Half Marathon / Inaugural Nike Half Marathon in DC

May: Safari Half Marathon

August: America’s Finest City Half Marathon

October: Nike Women’s Marathon

What makes you a Tough Chik: What makes me a Tough Chik? Have you seen my race schedule?!? I am a firm believer in making choices, not excuses. I am turning 40 this year and I’m excited to be a stronger, faster, TOUGHer Chik than ever!

There has always been a “legitimate” reason for me to take the easy way out. I could blame a full schedule, raising teenagers, asthma, anemia, or a variety of other reasons, but we all get 24 hours a day and we make time for what we value. I value life, family, and those that I can influence toward healthier living.

If you had a super power, what would it be? My daughter suggested reading minds, and my husband informed her that I already have that ability.

My son suggested the ability to clone myself, which might be nice when multiple races are on the same calendar day, but then he elaborated: You could go shopping, run to the bank, pick us up from school, and have one of you just relaxing. That made me too tired to want to clone myself.

Fun Fact: Heading into my 40th year, my nickname is now Guns amongst my running friends. More specifically, let me know if you’d ever like to meet “Vicious” and “Delicious.” I absolutely LOVE how crazy fitness freaks are.

Blog URL: http://themelissachronicles.blogspot.com

Welcome Toughies Gina, Nancy and Deihdra! 3 awesome women and true TOUGH CHIKs!

11 Jun



Name: Gina

Location: Sumrall, MS

Sport of Choice: Running

2013 Race Plans: MTB: Long Beach Carnival Classic Half Marathon, Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon, Crescent City Classic 10k, Jazz Half Marathon and several 5ks

What makes you a Tough Chik: I think that being a mom that has 5 kids (even though some are older and some are small) makes any woman tough! This also means that with so much going on, I have to train when I can. That usually means that I’m on the treadmill at 9:30 at night or I’m out doing my long runs with a headlight on. (*Safety first – if it’s dark, my husband goes with me while our older kids watch the younger ones.)

I also think that making the decision to completely change my life after my 3 yr old daughter was born in 2009 makes me pretty tough. It wasn’t easy. I’d been overweight for a while and stuck in the state of mind that I was just going to be that way for the rest of my life. I finally decided that things COULD change because I was in control of what I ate and what I did. I started walking and pushing her in a stroller. My oldest daughter would come sometimes and when she did, I would try jogging ahead a few feet. I don’t know what it was that had sparked inside of me to keep trying every time we went for a walk but it was there and it wasn’t going away. On February 8, 2010, I ran a complete 5k distances without stopping. It fueled the fire in me and I knew that things weren’t going to be the same anymore. Since then, I’ve lost 76 pounds, I’ve run tons of 5ks, 10ks, 5 half marathons, 1 full and I’m in training for my 2nd that will be February 24, 2013. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – Gail Devers, Olympic Hurdler    

If you had a super power, what would it be? To be able to run like The Flash, of course. 🙂  Can you imagine how much I’d get done??

Fun Fact: I’m in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Women’s Running Magazine in the Women Who Move section. MSN/Fitbie filmed me in December for their Everyday Champions series. It was released January 18, 2013.

Also, my feet are so big that I have to order men’s size 11 running shoes. I add pink laces and wear them proudly!   

Blog URL: www.slowisthenewfast.com




Name: Nancy…aka Fancy Nancy

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sport of Choice: running, spinning, softball

2013 Race Plans: This year I am gunning for the big one…the full marathon!  I am also shooting for at least 13 races this year with most of them being half marathons.  I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!

What makes you a Tough Chik: What makes me a tough chik?  I’m up before dawn to squeeze in as many miles as possible before my family starts their day.  Being a mom to a toddler and a newborn, time is worth the same as gold but not running is not an option!  Sure my muscles hurt and my lungs are burning but being a healthy example of a tough girl is a perfect life for me!

If you had a super power, what would it be? I would love to be able to fly….imagine how much faster I could get around!!! I am fluent in Spanish, which many friends and coworkers call my super power since my students can’t get away with anything!!

Fun Fact: I’m pretty much your average gal but I would say something quirky about me is that from the moment the air begins to warm, I NEED to be at the beach!  I have lived all my life within 2 miles of the shore.  It is my calming place, my fun place, and the place of so many memories! I’m so excited to have two beach bum girls to share it with!

Blog URL: http://www.littlefancynancy.blogspot.com





Name: Deihdra

Location: Glen Rock, NJ

Sport of Choice: Triathlon

2013 Race Plans: Nike Women’s Half DC, Rev3 Quassy OLY, Philadelphia TRI Sprint, Rev3 South Carolina, NJ State Triathlon, West Point TRI and a few 5ks with my son!

What makes you a Tough Chik: I’ve never been an athlete in my entire life but found triathlon 3 years ago and am hooked.  I try very hard to not come in last – I’m often discouraged but keep signing up for races and scaring myself into training for them!

If you had a super power, what would it be? I would be a fast, graceful, beautiful runner and sing like Lea Michele (although not sure that’s a super power!).

Fun Fact: I’d never learned to swim until 3 years ago to do triathlon.  I’ve always loved the water but never knew how to actually swim and while I’m very slow – I can get to the end of the swim without much issue.

Blog URL: http://deihdratri.blogspot.com/

Introducing Jennifer, Stacie and Rebecca! Welcome to Team Tough Chik!

28 May




Name: Jennifer

Location: Western New York Southerntier

Sport of Choice: Marathon, Triathlon

2013 Race Plans: Nothing concrete, but I want to get back to my distance racing (I miss the time to myself the training gives me,) so absolutely a half marathon (maybe two) looking at Virginia Beach Shamrock in March, and Rochester MVP in September. For the summer, two sprint distance triathlons. Probably Musselman again, and maybe A Tri In The Buff or Owascoman?!

Plenty of local(ish) 5ks and 10ks.

What makes you a Tough Chik: I am a Tough Chik because ~ I have Fibromyalgia. I have been combating the symptoms(chronic fatigue and pain) and related conditions of this  auto-immune disorder with exercise and diet. I began with marathoning (a year prior to my 35th birthday, as a gift to myself) to give me a goal, and keep me on track. Because I am very competitive and driven, the training provides a “no excuses” routine for me. Tri-ing was the next step in my journey. I wanted my exercise plan to be more eclectic and wished for the challenge. It has been the right choice. I am more balanced, and recover more quickly. The health, strength, and confidence it gives me are immeasurable. The hardest part about training for the race is finding the time to get all the training in. I am a Mom of two wonderful little girls (6 and 9), a home daycare provider, a Girl Scout leader/trainer, and a soccer coach. On “bad” days with my condition, I find the ability to push through it, because I am tenacious. I have a separate planner with my scheduled trainings in it. I work with my family’s schedule, and my work/volunteer schedule to get each days training done, whenever I can. Sometimes this means getting up early, sometimes it means staying up later, often times it means sacrifice, but the payoff is worth it. So far I have completed several 5ks, 8ks, 10ks, 3 half marathons, a 14 mile trail race, 3 full marathons, a duathlon, 3 triathlons, and 3 obstacle style mud runs. Every race has helped me feel inspired (by racers, especially ones meeting challenges, and my own desire to overcome my obstacle,) hopeful (I usually get a little emotional,) and accomplished (the culmination of all the hard work.) I am jazzed for the rest of the day (and sometimes into the next week!) In 2012 I challenged myself to go further ~ Because my “good months” are March – September, I made my goal to do 2 races each month, with a total of 14 for the 7 month period. They include ~ 5ks, a 21k bike ride, a 33 mile bike ride, a duathlon, 2 triathlons, 2 mud/obstacle runs, and a color run. I did 16 races in all. My motto is, “Because today I can.” Do what you are able to, knowing that you can do it, the reward is immeasurable. I do this so I can be a better person, mother, and woman, I am proud to call myself a marathoner, a triathlete, and one tough mama!!

If you had a super power, what would it be? This is a good one…I thought a long time. The ability to heal others and myself quickly. I know, not very Marvel Comics, but it’s what I would want.

Fun Fact: I love to cook!!! I wanted to open a Lunchette in the college town down the road called Simply Soups (serving artisan breads with the daily specials.)

Blog URL: http://justjennifertri-ing.blogspot.com/




Name: Stacie

Location: Chehalis, WA

Sport of Choice: Running

2013 Race Plans: I’m setting a goal to run 15 half marathons.  I would love to break the 2 hour mark.  If training goes well then my ultimate plan is to run the Portland Marathon for the 5th time.  I really want to set a marathon PR.

What makes you a Tough Chik: I have completed 4 marathons, 16 half marathons, an ultra, a sprint-tri, all after losing 80+ pounds.  I have battled a few knee issues and was finally coming back strong.  Just had to suffer through sitting out my first race ever after fracturing my left foot in two places and tearing a tendon(not running related).  I refuse to start completely over so I’m doing arm weights, ab work, and other misc. exercises until I am able to start running again.

If you had a super power, what would it be? I’d love to be able to fly or run really fast 🙂

Fun Fact: I love thunder & lightning storms.  I’m super excited to be a part of Team Tough Chik 2013

Blog URL: “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” http://stacie615.blogspot.com/


Name: Rebecca

Location: Hickory, NC

Sport of Choice: Running

2013 Race Plans: Taking on my first full in 2013!  Shamrock in March!  After that, planning on the Diva Half in Myrtle Beach, Richmond Half in Richmond and …… still filling in the rest of the year.  It will be epic!

What makes you a Tough Chik: This is a hard one, I suspect for many of us to answer.  I guess at the end of the day, what makes me tough, is that I keep going.  I started running just over 2 years ago and have battled injuries along the way as most anyone in running has.  I kept going.  Between regular ‘use’ injuries from running, falling (I’m not the most graceful by far!), running ailments (you know…chafing, wrong clothes, wrong shoes, the pieces we don’t talk about…. but we all know what those are ha ha), I’ve kept going.  I’m super excited to be taking on my first full next year in 2013!  Nervous, but super excited!  Can’t wait to see what 2013 has to offer! Bring it!

If you had a super power, what would it be? If I had a super power…I would love to be able to make people laugh…. randomly.  Like when you look at someone and I could think something, and then they would laugh.  Laughter heals so much pain!!

Fun Fact: Can’t wait to get my next tattoo after my full!