2014 Team Tough Chik! Meet Cynthia, Heather and Sheila

4 Mar


Name: Cynthia T.

Location: Lincoln, RI

Sport of Choice: Walking – mainly half marathons.

2014 Race Plans: I Plan to finish 60 half marathons in 2014 to celebrate turning 60 yrs. old.

What makes you a Tough Chik? I am a Tough Chik because at 56 yrs old I completed my first half marathon with RI Team In Training and in the last 3 years have completed 46 half marathons, 4 full marathons, one sprint tri, and many 5ks.  I will never win a race as I am a walker but I still finish every race I enter and love encouraging those along the way.

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? My race belt.

What is your favorite inspirational phrase? Everything happens for a reason.

Fun Fact:  I try to ‘dress up’ for my half marathons.  Makes the distance much more fun.




Name: Heather B.

Location: Onawa Iowa

Sport of Choice: Running, newly found.

Hobbies: Love to go for walks with friends, watch my daughter in Volleyball, Dance, Gym, track, and Basketball. Love seeing her grow and learn what her body will let her do. I love challenges to better myself. I love to read when I get a chance.
Now my newly found love in running has been so helpful to me in many ways like the support you get from people you don’t even know, support from friends and family and the smile on my daughters face when I completed my first half and she said I knew you could do it!

2014 Race Plans: I am going to do a FULL MARATHON. I am not sure where yet, but will do one for sure. I also love the mud runs, which we will have some around here, and I will do another half to see if I can get a better time.

What makes you a Tough Chik? I think just being a woman will make anyone a Tough Chik. I have a lot of determination to make myself healthy and fit. Like most women we have so much on our plate so to do something like running, walking or exercising to get out and get our ducks in a row makes us healthy but most of all for me is the satisfaction I get.

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? My running shoes

What is your favorite inspirational phrase? The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live!
One day at a time.

Fun Fact: Dry sense of humor.





Name: Sheila K.

Location: Steinbach MB

Sport of Choice: Currently I am running. I have done a half marathon, a 10 mile and a 5K race this past year. I will be starting swimming and cycling in the New Year.

Hobbies: reading

2014 Race Plans: 2014 will be a 5K resolution run, a half Marathon, a full marathon, as well as Try a Tri… in late august.

Other than that, we will see how the year progresses

What make you a Tough Chik: The fact that I am 100 lbs overweight, and am training for events.  I have Hypothyroidism, which makes weight loss extremely difficult.  I therefore run with extra weight on my body.  I am trying to break the cycle of obesity/diabetes/health issues in my family

What is the one gadget you CAN’T live without? GPS – mileage/speed

What is your favorite inspirational phrase? Get ‘er’ Done.

Fun Fact:  I am 45 overweight and in the best cardiovascular shape of my life (when I was slim, I could not physically do the things I do now!)


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