30 Oct

It is almost over…in 3 days we will close registration for 2014 Team Tough Chik and you won’t have to hear about it for 11 more months! LOL!  You have until midnight PST on 11/1 to sign up for the best team on the planet!

2014-Logo-Stacked-with-Argyle-ChikAre you on the fence, not sure if it is for you?  Well, let me help you out…

Do you run, bike, swim, walk, tri or just go out and do what you love?  Do you want to do something that scares you, but need a little push?  If so, we are your team!

Do you race for fun?  Do you like to talk about it endlessly?  If so, we are your team!

Do you need support in a new and exciting challenge you have on the books for 2014?  Most likely we have a member in the same boat!  So guess what, we are your team!

Do you ever travel to race?  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a team member to meet up with?  If so, we are your team!

Do you need advice on an injury/gear/training plan/race/etc…?  If so, we are your team!

Basically Team Tough Chik is a group of women from all walks of life that love to get out and get active.  We are 100% supportive, no room for negativity here!  And if you aren’t feeling so tough, we are here to help you realize just how tough you really are.  We aren’t all fast or strong, but we are all TOUGH!  We don’t all place or even finish, but we start.  We might not physically be at every race you enter, but you bet your bottom dollar we are always with you in spirit!


If you have any questions about the team, post them here or email us at team@toughchik.com.  We would love to have YOU on Team Tough Chik!


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