Top 10 reasons to be a Tough Chik – Guest Blogger – Jessica Langston

9 Oct

Top 10 reasons to be a Tough Chik
1.  You are probably thinking, “Am I tough enough?”  Here’s the answer: YES! Yes you are. You’re thinking about it, you are considering it, you ARE.  Who says what’s tough and what’s not?  YOU do. What’s tough for you may not be tough for me, and vice versa. You only have to be tough in your own mind, not compared to anyone else. And if you join the team, you have a shirt that says your tough. And if your SHIRT says it, well, then, duh, you are.
2.  You immediately are embraced and loved and encouraged by over 200 kickass women CHIKS. (OK, so I don’t blog, and I always think it’s the coolest thing when bloggers cross stuff out like that, so you might see that again in this list. Just sayin)
3.  You now have a connection to Chiks all over the country, and even some all over the WORLD!  If you are planning to do some races, or even take a vacation, chances are, there will be a fellow Toughie nearby. MEET UP WITH THEM!  You WON’T be sorry you did. I’ve had the chance to meet 3 awesome ladies in PERSON, and it has been the coolest thing.

  • Tara – Uh, I love her. We met in June in South Dakota, and both did the Deadwood Mickelson Trail half marathon.   We didn’t run together, we simply met up before the race, and found each other at the end. That’s it. Maybe 10 minutes total of together time. But when you meet someone FOR REAL, it makes them more real. Is that true? Heck, I don’t know, but it sounds good right?  Tara and I have really clicked, and she’s pretty freakin awesome.  We shared this race on our journey to Half Fanatic-dom and I think that gave us a jumping off point in getting to know each other.  We facebook message a lot, and we’ve sent each other little packages in the mail. It’s like having a grown up pen pal. How cool is that??  I encourage her, she encourages me. Got a long run this weekend? Pretend I’m with you. It works. I’m not kidding. Mile 8, I’m tired, in my head, there she is next to me, hey, it’s better. Seriously.


  • Jess and Lisa – Super cool chiks!  I got a 2 for one when I met these ladies.  We met just a few weeks ago at See Jane Run in Wichita.  Jess (as in Run with Jess who some of you may know from her blog) won an entry at the last minute. She drove about a million hours just to come run 13.1 miles. And then turn around and go home. Yep, that’s the kinda TOUGH chiks we are.  Opportunity knocks, we’re gonna kick in that door!  Lisa is from Wichita and I’d known all along I was going to get to meet her.  Since she was from there, I got to bug ask her all kinds of stuff about where to stay, where things were in relationship to the race, etc. Inside scoop!!  And talk about TOUGH, Lisa just had a baby this summer and here she is, out 5k-‘n it up like a champ!! Oh, and by the way, I kept Jess in my sights for about 9 miles, and stalked her down and got a PR because of it!


4.  Ok, so I talked about meeting people in real life. But for the 3 people I’ve met in the flesh, there’s plenty more I feel like are my friends now that I HAVEN’T actually met. And facebook friends, they’re like at least 90% as good as real ones, right?? Let’s face it, probably twice as good sometimes!
5.  Super awesome clothes/gear.  If you are like me, you love you some awesome workout clothes. I can’t even tell you the last time I went to a store and DIDN’T check out the athletic section.  It’s hard to find cute, and practical stuff! Well, Tough Chik has a whole line of clothes that ANYONE can buy, and they have super special stuff JUST for team members!!  You should have seen the facebook posts in our super secret group (I’ll get to that point later). But October 1 (first day of team registration) was like counting down to CHRISTMAS!!    I mean, check out this wonder chik top. Hello!! Have you ever seen anything MORE amazing??  And the tank top is this year’s team singlet. It says “This is what Tough looks like”. Its awesome, its comfy, its TOUGH.
jess3jess46.  Ok, time for the super secret group. We have a super secret facebook group. You can only be in it if you are on the team, and NO ONE else can see anything you post!  Cool huh? You can ask every embarrassing fitness related question you’ve ever wanted to ask. And I guarantee, in 5 miles minutes (ok, that was a for real typo, but that just cracked me UP when I was proofreading this that I typed miles instead of minutes!! Bahahaha!) you’ll have 16 answers and 27 funny stories, and 12 people that have had the same exact issue as you. (Ok, don’t quote me on the numbers, but its close.)  And not only fitness stuff, you can say anything else you want!  Had a craptastic day, and don’t want to gripe about your best friend that screwed you over on your own facebook page? Post here, you’ll get support, and no one in your everyday life will be any wiser about it. We even had someone tell us first that she was gonna be a grandma because she couldn’t announce it to the world yet, so yep, she told us first!   All your “real” friends sick of hearing about the 16 miles you ran? How fast they were? How you felt? About your marathon, triathalon, 5k, 1 mile swim…whatEVER…. Coming up?  Welp, we all wanna hear about it. I swear. Not joking. Yes, please, tell me more details. How did you feel at mile 6? Mile 12? At mile 18 you wanted to die?? Tell. Me. MORE!!!!

7.  Ok, my reasons have gotten a bit long winded. Let me try and wrap this up. Wanna do a ragnar relay? Boom….instant team if you are looking for one.
8.  Wanna know how that headband fits? Size comparison of a brooks shirt vs. a nike one?  Ask!  Someone will answer. HELL, someone will post pictures with exact MEASUREMENTS. I. am. Not. KIDDING.
9.  Have an injury that you are nursing and want to know if its your shoes, your socks, or your diet that’s causing it?  Again, someone’s been through it and has some AWESOME advice for you.
10.  This is the BEST, most amazing group of women on the planet. I could research that, but I don’t have to. I know it. In my heart.  If you want to be part of something special, this is it. We’ve got every level of fitness there is, from beginner, to someone that’s run 50 marathons.  And everything in between. We’re here to support each other, listen to each other, and just make new friends!  This is what you’ve been looking for. I promise. You’ll see.  (Dang it, I almost made myself cry when I reread all this.)


To learn more about Team Tough Chik, please visit


10 Responses to “Top 10 reasons to be a Tough Chik – Guest Blogger – Jessica Langston”

  1. rtdanielle09 October 9, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    love this list! and wheres the link to the super secret fb page now that im a tough chik? 🙂

    • toughchik October 9, 2013 at 9:07 am #

      You will get the invite to the FB page after 11/1 when registration closes. It is worth the wait 😉

      • Jessica L October 9, 2013 at 9:13 am #

        it sure is!!! 🙂

  2. Danielle Sterling October 9, 2013 at 8:55 am #

    (im hoping my comment goes through once and not three times…) LOVE this post! where is the link to the super secret fb page now that im a tough chik?! 🙂

    • Jessica L October 9, 2013 at 9:11 am #

      awww thanks! 🙂 You’re a new toughie for next year? yay! I think Shannon will add you to the page after the registration period is over.

  3. Denni Swepston October 9, 2013 at 9:06 am #

    I am so stinking proud of you!! You inspire me – I have no idea why – we are nothing alike! Yet, you do! Thank you!

    • Jessica L October 9, 2013 at 9:12 am #

      That’s the sweetest DJ!! Thanks!!

  4. Denni Swepston October 9, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    And yes, I would like to be a tough chik now – please tell me how…..

  5. Pam October 9, 2013 at 12:24 pm #

    Couldn’t have said it better! I love my TTC girls!

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