Guest Blogger – Walisa Dickson

7 Oct

 walisa 1

(Lil’ toughie next to me)

“Look, Ma! I made it!!” were the exact words I told my mother via Skype when I registered and became a part of Team Tough Chik (TTC) 2013. She didn’t understand what it meant to me to be a part of this team, but I guarantee she does now. Thank you to Shannon Renick Carson for allowing me this AWESOME opportunity as a guest blogger to rave about TTC.

 walisa 2

                  Food! I absolutely love food! The problem with our relationship, food and me, is that it loves me back WAY more than expected. I eat and it stays. Sometimes, I need for it to give me some space. We spent too much time together and it was beginning to show. It began to affect my health and overall happiness. After my 2nd child, I weighed in at a hefty 280lbs. My eyes were as big as a gigantic meatball when I saw the numbers appear on the scale. There are many reasons I did not want to be this size anymore, but more importantly, for ME.


walisa 3

                  I knew there was no way on God’s green earth I was going to be able to do it alone, so I invited my close friends to join me in this journey to break away from the food addiction and get healthy. We created a 4-month fitness challenge. We applauded, inspired, motivated, pushed, and yelled at each other throughout the challenge. We walked during breaks, lunches, and after work together. It was fun to be on this journey with people you absolutely love and would support you – no matter what. (Remember these words; they will appear in a similar fashion later in the story). We even joined walk events. I will always tell this story of an event we were to walk, but each of us RAN the majority of the way. It was the Cleveland 4-miler. We hyped one another to walk this event, but would run a little if we felt good, that would take us through 4 well-known Cleveland Sports Stadiums. We must have felt REAL good because we walked 1-mile and the other 3- miles were ran like a cupcake (I run for cupcakes) was at the finish line. I am telling you, I have never felt so accomplished, so energized, and so satisfied until that day. Unfortunately, the journey with the girls started breaking apart. We each had more responsibilities in our personal lives that would not allow us to get together as often as before.

 walisa 4

                  Slowly, but surely, I was turning back to food as a companion. My loneliness was short-lived because as I was perusing FaceBook (FB), when I came across a page that caught my interest. The statement, “All women have a personal story that makes them tough” caught my attention. I was thinking, “Hmmmm!” I do have a story, but I didn’t consider myself “tough”. Not at all. I continued to peruse. Throughout the page, you could clearly see this was not a gimmick or about selling anything. This group, this team, this family was about supporting women (no matter shape or size) who needed that extra motivation to a fitness goal. For some crazy reason, I decided to join. Glad I did!!

walisa 5

AMAZING group of women! I mean, INSPIRATIONAL with a topping of whip cream (yes, I still love my food).  TTC is a group of women who started a journey similar to mine (and yours), may have reached a goal, are setting a goal that they once thought was unreachable and/or has exceeded a goal. When I say Team Tough Chik, I am speaking of INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, CARING, FOCUSED, ASTONISHMENT, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Virtual love and support (there are those words again) that inspired me to train and run my FIRST Half Marathon in May 2013. I am now prepared to run my 4th Half Marathon in 4 days. I cannot truly express in words the dedication of the women whom I call my virtual sisters. They are my shoulders, my virtual punching bags, my advisors, ladies I can cry, laugh, and swear with because they understand the ups and the downs. They don’t judge me! They ARE the epitome of tough! I do not just wear “tough” or am in a “tough” group. Tough is a lifestyle. My mini-me’s use the word “tough” to let me know I CAN DO IT! There are moments when I want to throw in the towel, but I remember that I AM TOUGH and this is just another obstacle that I can overcome. That’s right! I said it, “My name is Walisa Dickson and I AM A TOUGH CHIK!” #toughie J

      walisa 6


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