The Dark Side

3 Oct

Hi there, remember me??  Sorry about the spotty blogging, but if you haven’t heard, we have this little thing called Team Tough Chik registration going on and it has kept me busy.  BUT I am trying to continue to train for the Irongirl Lake Las Vegas Triathlon.  Since I signed up late (5 weeks out), I am playing catch up with training.  I broke my “6 months off of racing” after TriRock because I was so jealous inspired by all of the racers.

So over the weekend I had my first brick since Barb’s Race in July.  My husband has been trying to get out and run (although he hates every minute) because he want to try a tri.  Hee hee…welcome to the DARK SIDE.  The poor guy has terrible asthma and running really acerbates it.  He is a very, very strong swimmer (no…i am not jealous…I am proud…really…..even though I have been swimming 2 years longer and he kicks my ass…no seriously…totally happy for him…) and he pretty much grew up on a bike, so running is the missing link.  We have started out slow and short and we are working up to 4 miles this weekend.

When I told him that I had a brick on the agenda for Saturday and invited him to join me, I was sure he was going to blow me off.  Surprisingly. he was game.  It was a short brick, 10 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run.  Easy peasy, right?  I knew he was thinking, “this will be cake, am I even going to get a work out??”

We have a bike/run path by our house where I do all my bricks.  I can park the truck and ride up to 20 miles with out lights (which is HUGE here) and then lock my bike up in the back of the truck for my run.  It is perfect, although I know every curve, crack and mark on this trail by now!

Truck prepped for a Brick

Truck prepped for a Brick

So we went out for the ride and the first 5 miles are downhill and we were smoking.  Then we turned around for the 5 miles back.  It is a slow gradual climb (the kind that kills poor hubby) and I noticed that he was falling back.  The is a sprinter, he can blow by me in a sprint type situation, but the slow climb is where I shine.  So I made it to the truck first and waited a couple minutes and he was right behind me.  We did a quick switch and headed out for the run.  He took about 4 steps and said “Um, yeah…this is different”.  Yup, you think a little run after a short ride is nothing, but the first few times you do it back to back….it is “different”.

He told me to go ahead and run, just let him know where to turn around (I was wearing the Garmin).  I know when I am slower that my running partner, I want them to go ahead.  Nothing worse than struggling to run next to someone who is barely putting out any effort and is purposely slowing down to stay with you.  So I went.  When I got back to the truck, I pulled out my camera…he hates this!

Hubby's first Brick

Hubby’s first Brick

He did great!  I mean 10 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run is almost the bike/run distance of a sprint.  Most sprints are 12 mile bikes and 3.1 mile runs!  And he has been running for 2 weeks.  I was so proud, he was so surprised as to how difficult it was.  Our course was hilly, but we live in a hilly area!

1368814_10201370138912795_802357460_nWelcome to the Dark Side honey! (insert evil laugh here)

AND in case you haven’t heard…2014 TEAM TOUGH CHIK registration is open NOW!!!  We hope you join us for an awesome 2014 race season!



2 Responses to “The Dark Side”

  1. October 3, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    awww, good for him!! just be sure to let him know the 1st time is ALWAYS the hardest and it gets easier and you get FASTER from here on out!! 🙂

  2. tootallfritz October 4, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    I REALLY need a bigger vehicle. Both for all my “stuff” and to separate my amazing children with a little more distance.

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