Punks Amuck – it must be summer in the suburbs

28 Jun

As soon as I typed out the title, I thought of my brother.  I do not mean this kind of punk…

The punks I am referring to are just high school teens out on Summer vacations and doing what most teens do, thinking of themselves and only themselves.  I know, I was a teen too.

Tuesday – Incident 1, The Pool – The pool was packed.  At our gym we have 3 lanes and typically max out at 2 people per lane.  So Marc and I waited and a half of a lane opened so I hopped in.  I was sharing a lane with a woman who didn’t want to get her hair wet (UGH public pools, am I right?), so as soon as I started swimming (the man before me was walking) which leads to splashing (heaven forbid) she got out of the pool and Marc jumped in.  In all, we waited 20 min to get this lane and I was pretty happy that I was sharing with him and not a stranger.  I don’t flip turn (I am not that cool or coordinated), so I pushed off the wall and this kid (he looked about 14) stepped out right in front of me.  I stood up and said hey, he apologized and moved on.  I figured he was just crossing my lane to get to an open lane.  He got out of the pool, so I didn’t think much of it.  He go back into the pool (little did I know) and I see a figure in the lane next to me that is not my husband.  WTF?  This kid jumped in our lane and just started swimming.  My hubby is a strong swimmer and just swam over this kid.  Shocked the kid, stood up and looked dumbfounded.  He said, “do you need to wait for a lane?”  Marc said, ” Yeah, I am swimming here.  Get out of the pool!”  Later talking to Marc, the kid thought he could out swim him and get out of his way.  Yeah, don’t tease the old man with the paddles.  He will get you every time.  To give the kid a break, he obviously didn’t know pool etiquette, but he also had his head up his a$$.

Wednesday – Incident 2, The Road – Mid-morning I hit the road for a short 20 mile bike ride.  During the week, you have a short window to get in a ride.  You have to wait until after morning traffic and if you get going too late, there are too many cars on the road and you end up spending most of the time at stop lights.  So I have from about 10-2 to ride, but I like to go right at 10 and get off the road by noon.  As I was riding down Antonio, in the bike lane, a kid passes me on the right (between me and the curb).  This is a huge No-No in the cycling world.  Cycling etiquette is very similar to how it is in a car.  He should have said, “on your left” and in turn I would have moved to the right, giving him room to pass me on the left and not go into traffic.  His way is very dangerous.  I had no idea he was there and could have moved toward the curb, if I did…it would have been bad.  So this pissed me off.  Plus, he was killing him self trying to pass me. So I  gave it a few gears and proceeded to pass him!  First, I said on your left (of course he couldn’t hear me because he had both of his ear buds in – which is illegal in CA) and then passed him on the left.  Jack ass then proceeds to use the lights to pass me.  This means when a light turns yellow you slow down early to avoid stopping.  If you don’t come to a complete stop and you can get going again more quickly when the light turns green.  I use the stop/start as a sprint work out.  So the little sh$t used the light to pass me and again on the right!  Okay, so I might have been hugging the line on purpose.  BUT if he would have said, “on your left” I would have moved.  No really…I would have! So this time when I passed him AGAIN, I screamed on your left and as I was passing him noticed the ear buds. I motioned for him to take it out. Obviously, he can’t hear me and wasn’t moving for me to pass him, which means I am passing him in traffic.  Again, NOT SAFE!  I am sure he saw this old lady and thought he could take me.  HA!  Nice try!  I kicked it up a gear and left him in my dust.  Good thing I turned off, because I am not sure how long this cat and mouse game would have gone on before I smacked him!  Unlike the kid at the pool, this kid KNEW what was right and wrong and just decided to ignore it.  Maybe he learned a lesson and will start riding with care.  Somehow, I doubt it.  He was cocky.

Don’t be a punk…read these…




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