Barb’s Race Training Update

25 Jun

I am training for a 70.3 at the end of July.  Compared to my last 70.3, (IMTX 7o.3), I have barely mentioned it here.  The lack of updates were due to the fact that there was really nothing to report.  My training for this race was much more lax than my previous cycle.  I was a little burnt out after TX and in a very “un-Shannon like” fashion I went off script.

On a recommendation from Jenn, I bought the book “The 12-week Triathlete” and started to wing it.  My plan was simple.  Swim 2 x a week, run 2 x a week and bike 2 x a week.  Incorporating one brick, one long run and one long bike.  But the biggest change for me was to do all my runs and rides outside.  I know for most of you, this is pretty impossible.  For me, I have a flexible schedule, I live in a mild and sunny climate and my cats and dog could give 2 shits if I am home or not.  Everything was going swimmingly (pun intended) and it almost felt like I wasn’t even training!  I was actually thinking that maybe I wasn’t going to be prepared for the race, but I was running strong (and faster), my swims were on par and I was loving my new bike.  Life was good.  Noticed I said WAS.

Then I went for my mid-week 6 mile run and as soon as I started to run, the inside of my left ankle/Achilles area started to ache.  It was one of those pains that I thought would go away after a few minutes.  It did not.  I made it 2.5 miles and the pain was so great, I had to walk home.  It was a long, sad, painful walk.  That was Thursday.  I took Friday off and rode on Saturday.  My ankle didn’t bother me during my ride, but as soon as I got off the bike, it hurt to walk.  Sunday was supposed to be my long run, but that was out of the question, so I got back on the bike.  (If you know me, you know that I wasn’t too sad about riding 2 days in a row)

Dr. Google informed me that my strain is probably due to tightness in my calves.  The discomfort (code word for pain – sounds less permanent) has moved up and down from my ankle to lower calf and from the inside to the outside.  So I am assuming that is is a temporary set back and if I stretch, roll and rest, I will be a-OK in no time.

So here I am, Tuesday and I am still uncomfortable.  It is time for a run and I know it is a terrible idea.  I have discomfort when I walk, so what makes me think that running 6 or 7 miles will be pain-free?  Why is it so hard to do the right thing?  I know that if I skip a few runs, I will not loose all of my training, so why does it feel that way?  Ugh, is it possible to train for a race and not spend some time on IR (injured reserve – for you non-sport fans)?

Today I will not run. I put it out there, so I have to keep my promise…to myself and YOU!

Some may think this is my Elvis face, it is actually my UGH face!

Some may think this is my Elvis face, it is actually my UGH face!


Nice shot of my new accessory, my ankle brace.
Also a great photo of the New Tough Chik Cycling Jersey and Short! (in cheesy used cars salesman voice)


2 Responses to “Barb’s Race Training Update”

  1. June 25, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    Yes…work out the calf and the feet too!! Get a golf ball and roll it along the bottom and loosen up that fascia…we work our feet a lot when we swim/bike/run and it gets tight!! Roll the calf area and use the ball on it too…

    I find if I stretch/roll them 2-3 times a day quickly and ALWAYS before I get in bed for the night then I can keep things in a good place….

    Also…BE 100% sure you are in the right running shoes! Sometimes, that inner ankle/achilles pain means you might need a touch more stability….esp on longer runs or as training volume increases and fatigue piles up…

    I have a rotation of….no I’m not even going to tell you how many shoes b/c its embarrassing….BUT, I wear a different pair almost every time I run…and NEVER wear the pair I ran in to tool around during the day after training!! I just find my feet need to be worked differently or they get overuse issues….

    NOW….I am so glad the book is working and I KNEW you would excel with a less intense training protocol. You’ll do really well with the intense stuff after you knock out a few of these, but it’s nice to get the “lay of the land” before piling on the pressure!!

    Work those feet….work em’ hard and you’ll be surprised how quickly the ankle/achilles bounces back!!

  2. Theresa June 25, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    Well it’s great to hear you are still training. You HAVE to listen to your body. I have been blessed with not having an injury (yet), but my husband said it’s because I don’t really push hard enough. I too am afraid to lose my run fitness, so I keep up with the runs, but get lax on the swims because it’s so much more hassle to do.
    You can do this, remember to have fun not just in the race but in the training too!.

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