National Running Day! My running story…

5 Jun

I have never considered myself a runner.  Actually, I remember running being considered punishment.  In elementary school, I was on the chubby side and the running portion of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test was not only torture, but very embarrassing.  In High School, we would have to run (in jazz shoes) to credit our demerits in drill team.  Not to mention, we were clad in Lycra leotards and tights (don’t judge it was the early 90’s) in the TX heat and humidity…IN AUGUST!  I truly believe that this would be considered child endangerment now.

I ran briefly in college, and by briefly, I mean like 6 times and by run, I mean slowly jog.  It wasn’t until I moved to CA and adopted a dog that I really started running.  My logic was that if I had to spend time exercising the dog, I might as well get a benefit out of it too.  I was active, I rode, did yoga, lifted weights, etc…but never a runner.  So enter Cosmo, my 14lb terrier-Chihuahua-Dachshund-God-knows-what-mix.  I bought him a harness after pulling him around the block by his neck and we ran maybe 10 times before he started to hide when I pulled out the harness.  So I started to run solo, basically because it was convenient and I lived 2 blocks from the beach.  It was beautiful!

Cosmo, the mutt

Cosmo, the laziest dog know to man (but ain’t he cute)

My sporadic running was solidified when I found a pamphlet for APLA (AIDS Project LA) and their half-marathon and marathon training program. I conned encouraged my bestie to join me for the informational meeting about the program.  We should NEVER go to a time-share meeting, because we can be talked into anything!  Up to this point, I had only ran a 5K, for bonus points because I was endanger of failing pass or fail tennis in college.  Yes, I am THAT bad a tennis.  We walked in planning on signing up for the half, but after a 30 min inspirational video of folks 40 years older and 100 lbs heavier finishing marathons, we were swindled sold.  (I am totally kidding…but not really)

So in March of 2008 we started to train for our first marathon and my real first race, and which race did we settle on?  San Francisco Marathon (later to be named with the tag-line “worth the hurt”) with the promise by the training crew that it “wasn’t that hilly”.  We were so dumb naive.  I really got into it (or so I thought) and was running 3 times a week (which I thought was a lot) and keeping up with my yoga.  Anyhoo…I ran SF with my bestie (who was so injured that she later need surgery and 9 moths in a boot).  After that I promised myself I was NOT going to be a “one and done” marathoner.  It was the last marathon I ran.

SF Marathon Molly, Me & Daniel

SF Marathon
Molly, Me & Daniel

Running and I go through our ups and downs.  As a triathlete, I have to admit that the run is the hardest part for me.  Just over the past few weeks, I am really starting to find my groove in running.  I am actually afraid to say (type) this out loud, as it might slip away tomorrow.  Running is not easy, not for me.  But I try…

But most of the time, I am running after a bike ride

But most of the time, I am running after a bike ride…don’t I look happy?

So I am celebrating National Running Day in the best way I know how, after a bike ride.  For some reason, I run faster after a bike ride.  I mean, it is usually a shorter run, but it makes me feel better 🙂

Happy Running!


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