“Do we gotta problem?”

17 Apr

Monday night I was back to my gym’s pool for my first swim since the triathlon and my first pool swim in a couple weeks.  Have you ever gone a time of only open water swimming and then you get back in the pool and you can see.  It is kind of cool.  Anyhoo…

My husband and I were sharing the first lane, closest to the steps in the shallow end and the ladder in the deep end.  It also happens to be the closest lane to the hot tub.  I was next the the wall and Marc was near the next lane.  Some of the “Hot Tubbers” get warm and like to cool off in the pool.  I get that.  There are stairs 25 yds from the deep end and maybe 35 yds from the hot top that you can sit on and cool off without being in a lane.  Instead a rather large and hairy man decides to set on the edge of the pool by the hot tub in the deep end and dangle his feet in my lane.  So when I head down the lane I am eye level with hairy feet.  When I flip around, i accidentally kick him (yes, it was an accident…I promise) because his big hairy feet are dangling in my lane.  There is a nice couple steps in the shallow end, cool off there.

Then I was swimming along and another hairy man is crossing the lane to get to the ladder to get out of the pool.  And walks right in front of me!  I stop and make a flabbergasted “phtt” sound and he mumbles, “sorry”.  I say nothing, just look at him, waiting for him to move and he looks at me and says “Do we gotta problem?”  I reply, “I am just trying to swim.”  and he says “I am just trying to get out of the pool.”  I make a motion with my hand, to read, well then get out.  For the rest of my set he sat in the hot tub and gave me evil looks.  Like what, you want to throw punches in the gym pool with a woman in goggles?  Really?

I wish more people understood pool etiquette.  Have you had a pool run in?  Did you have to “take it outside”?


3 Responses to ““Do we gotta problem?””

  1. Deb bahr April 17, 2013 at 10:00 am #

    The Bain of my existence in the pool is……..(da da duuuun) the water aerobics ladies. The a cliquish group of women who think they rule the pool when it’s class time. They hate lane swimmers……we occasionally splash them by accident and by the way they react….you would have thought they had acid tossed on them. They have even asked me to leave the pool during their class. They give me the stink eye in the locker room whether I am getting out or getting in. I can’t win and try to avoid them.

  2. jnkmiles.org April 17, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

    Water walker and water aerobicizers ….they can be some of the rudest people on the planet! My husband will splash them on purpose these days….dolphin kick wi/ a kick board…fins…whatever it takes to get even for ruining his day. I’m not quite that bad…..I go swim in the diving well….they typically HATE to get wet above the chest, so a depth of 15ft usually rids me of their presence! 😉

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