Evil Twin

13 Mar

When I was in 7th grade, my best friend and I created Evil Twins.  Her name is Holly and her evil twin was Mistletoe (don’t judge, we were in 7th grade) and my name is Shannon and my evil twin was Hannon (seriously, our brains were not fully developed…creativity comes later in life).  I can’t remember why we had evil twins since we were both super good girls and never got in trouble.

courtesey of istock

courtesy of istock

Last weekend during my brick, I was on my 2nd lap and feeling pretty good.  I was even considering a 3rd lap, but I knew it was a bad idea.  It was Hannon’s idea, my evil twin, who I had decided is my ego.  My ego is my evil twin trying to push me to places, some good, some bad.  The biggest lesson I have learned during my 70.3 training is that I have an ego, I mean we all do, but my ego can override my brain and will get me in trouble if I don’t reel it in.

My ego is very concerned with what other think and how many miles I can rack up in a week.  I like to think of it as a separate entity or an evil twin because I don’t want to think of myself as someone who has an ego like this.  I want to be smarter than my ego, kinder than my ego and less competitive than my ego.

Hannon and I are working on a truce, how we can co-exist in the present and do what is best for my body without loosing that fighting edge.  Let me tell you, it is a fine line between pushing yourself and killing yourself.  Obviously, none of us go out with the intention of hurting our self but we are driven to succeed that that line can easily be crossed.  My PT always tells me that I can _______ short of pain.  I laugh, how do I know if it going to be painful until it is painful.  But I think I am getting it.  On Sunday I finished my workout (2 laps) with a little in the tank.  This is an uncomfortable place for me to be, but it did feel good to mark off a workout not feeling completely deflated.

Do you have an evil twin or an ego that gets you in trouble?  Let me know I am not alone!


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