IM TX 70.3 Week 13

5 Mar

HIM TX Training Week 13

Swim: 5350 yds

Run: 7 miles

Cycle: 86 miles

6 workouts scheduled – 5 completed, time – 10:58

I am a day behind this week as yesterday was my 36th birthday and I took some “Shannon” time.  Let me tell you, I woke up and hobbled out of bed feeling more than a year older.  More on that later.

This week was the closest I have been to completing a full week of training since my wreck on Feb 6th.  There was a speed track workout on the agenda that I was unable to participate in, but I was able to attempt everything else.

SWIM – This week I completed 2 full swim work outs and was even able to sprint.  My shoulder is still a little tight and it is definitely sore when I get out of the pool.  I was able to swim 3000 yrds, so I know that I will be able to get through the 1.2 mile swim without an issue.

CYCLE – We had 2 bikes, one was indoor and the second was part of a brick that I did outside.  The brick was a 15 mile bike followed by a 2 mile run, repeated 4 times.  If it sounds familiar, it is the exact same workout I wrecked on last month.

This brick was hard, I hurt pretty much the entire time.  I felt weak and was quickly reminded that I am still on antibiotics and not 100% from the wreck OR the cold.  The bike portion was okay, my legs were tired.  I tried the aero bars for the first time and had a hard time getting use to the balance.  I was on a bike trail that weaves in and out of residential areas and under road ways.  Very few straight stretches and I am still riding a little more cautious (which is probably good) due to the wreck.

RUN – the only run I did this week was part of the brick.  I have been working on some strengthening exercises in PT, resulting in a very sore lower back.  So when I started to run, my back was SO sore.  I am not 100% sure if it from the PT exercises or the injury or a little bit of both.  The first 4 miles (2 mile laps at a time) were bearable, the 3rd rotation was much more painful.  I was able to run the first mile out (slight down hill), but the mile back (slight up hill) was much more difficult and I finally had to walk some of it.  The 4th run, I was DONE.  COOKED.  OVER IT!  I walked about a mile and decided I was done.  I was so tired (I had been out there for about 5 hrs at this point) and just decided I want to go home!

I was disappointed with my performance, but I am not sure what I expected.  I mean, did I honestly think I could be sick/injured for a month and just wake up and kill a 5 hour brick?  I am really trying to change my outlook on this race.  I want to have fun, I want it to be a good experience.  I don’t want to cross the finish line and be upset with my performance. I want to enjoy the experience, I mean let’s face it…I have spent WAY too much money and WAY too much time to not have fun.  Plus, I have friends and family flying and driving out to watch me.  They are spending their hard earned money to watch me have fun and not a tantrum!  I am working hard to change my crazy type-A, perfectionist brain and enjoy the experience.  My last Oly distance race, I can’t even being to tell you how long it took me.  No idea, BUT I do know I bonked on mile 3 and felt like dog shit for the rest of the race.

Right now, my hips are killing me.  I am limping and it hurts to get in and out of the car.  I look more like 86 than 36!  My hip flexors are SO incredibly tight and sore.  I am stretching and foam rolling, but it still so tight.  Any advice?


4 Responses to “IM TX 70.3 Week 13”

  1. TriFemme March 5, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    Shannon have you tried any yoga? I’m not sure if you are able to do it with your injuries, but the piegon pose helps a ton with my hips among others. Some yoga may do you some good if you haven’t already tried that one. You’re doing awesome after wrecking! Its great you’re trying not to beat yourself up!

  2. Laura M March 5, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    I’m so proud of you! Not only for pushing through that tough brick, but for really focusing on enjoying the entire process — training, racing, etc. I meant what I said on the note I left on your truck — you’re going to come through this stronger than ever – physically and mentally.
    I was also going to suggest yoga for your hips. Hot yoga is awesome! Let me know if you ever want to go.
    p.s. I really wanted to stop and chat on Saturday, but knew both of us were focused on getting those workouts done!

  3. March 5, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

    1st, you’re going to be fine and you’re dong fine.
    2nd, you have the right thought process…’ve been through a lot w/ the wreck and being sick you can’t expect your body to still follow the plan…
    time to re-assess and re-adjust the schedule. It’ll help you physically and mentally.
    3rd, bricks are really REALLY hard on the body and yours is pretty beat up right now….you may want to skip them until you feel at least 80%

    What I would do is look at where you were the week before the wreck and take that as your base…try to complete THAT weeks mileage…split up however is reasonable….a few swims, a few bikes, and a few runs…..skip the bricks for now….
    It’ll allow you to rebuild your strength without continually tearing yourself down while you’re healing/repairing….

    The fitness is there, you won’t loose it….just try to maintain it…run/walk if you need to and if aero isn’t working then stay on the hoods….
    Ice those sore spots after….

    Hang in there girl…you’re almost there….

    • toughchik March 6, 2013 at 10:49 am #

      really? If I cut my mileage that far back, do you think I will be okay by 4/7? I can handle the distance on the bike and swim, it is the running that is killing me.

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