IM TX 70.3 Week 12 Recap

25 Feb

HIM TX Training Week 12** Recap – illin’

Swim: 1100 yds

Run: 3 miles

Cycle:37.46 miles

3 workouts scheduled – 3 completed, time – 3:16

I am starting to feel like these re-caps are more like an injury report and less like a training re-caps.  In case you have missed a week or two, I am recovering from a wicked cold and a wreck which has effected my hip and my shoulder.  Actually I don’t know if it was the wreck that hurt my shoulder or all the coughing that caused a rib to dislocate, chicken or the egg, either way…it is injured.

(Mon) – rest

(Tuesday) Cycle – I was able to put in over 2+ hours on the trainer.  The work out was 35 miles for intermediate and 40 for Pro, I ran out of decent TV at 37.46 miles, so somewhere in the middle.  The workout was 90+ rpm with 2 hills.  I skipped the hills because of the hip (Galveston is flat and I know I can climb – so no worries there) and I was hovering around 87 mph, probably due to the cold.  I am not 100%, the energy is not there.

(Wed) Swim- My shoulder was really bothering me and since Monday was a holiday, Wed was the first day I could get into PT.  After some electric stim, ART and stretching, I felt I could at least attempt to swim.  At first it just felt tight and then I was consciously trying to pull more with my left arm and baby my right.  Soon, it was just out right painful and I threw in the towel.  I made it half way through the work out and I wasn’t really pushing like I normally would and sprinting was out of the question.

Thursday was a strength training session, which I skipped.

** On Friday I had a breakdown….and then a Ah-ha moment.  I felt so far behind.  This was the second and a half week that I wasn’t on schedule and I was freaking!  I have been doing the workouts I can, but I had a BIG BRICK on the docket for Sunday and I was concerned.  At this point I had not run one step since the wreck and these bricks are so important to your training.  I was close to tears.  Now, I KNOW this is just a race and I am suppose to be having fun and it is not my job, and I will do my best and all of the wonderful words of wisdom that I would give to each of you.  But easier said than done.  The truth is, I can talk the talk but I have a hard time walking the walk.  My bestie Molly and I were talking about this last night.  She said, “Why can you take your own advice, you are being to hard on yourself!  You wouldn’t never be that harsh to any of your Toughies!”  And she is right, I know she is right.  My desire to do well can cross the line to being self-deprecation.  BUT THEN IT DAWNED ON ME!  I have a rest week coming up in 2 weeks, so I switched week 12 with week 14 and gave myself the week off!  Whew!  This allowed me to chill and heal over the weekend.  I gave my lil crazy brain a reprieve and I feel SO much better (mentally).

(Sun) Run – On Sunday I tested my hip on the treadmill.  It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel great.  It was awkward, but okay.  I limited my run to 3 mile and a 10 min mile pace and it was okay.  I felt good that I was able to do it and I wasn’t sore afterwards.  I considered it a successful run.

On to week 12 redux!  🙂


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