IM TX Week 11 Recap – FAIL

18 Feb


Swim: 1700 yds

Run: 0 miles (3.07 miles Elliptical)

Cycle: 41.59 miles

6 workouts scheduled – 3.5 completed, time – 3:46

As soon as my bum bum started to feel better I was hit with a cold!  Talk about kicking a girl while she is down!  My mom thinks the cold is a blessing, forcing me to let my body heal from the wreck.  Isn’t that such a MOM thing to say?

Swim: I only swam once, pre-cold and it was a little uncomfortable with the hip.  I couldn’t kick without discomfort so I used the buoy for half of the swim and cut out the sprints.  I felt weak, that was probably due to this nasty cold bug lurking!

Run: I didn’t run at all or even attempt to run.  The impact on my hip/bum is too much right now.  I did do the elliptical once in order to compensate a little for the run work outs, but I am really too sick to get any real training in.  I had to go to the gym to do the elliptical and I really didn’t want to offend anyone by being next to a sick lady.  So I put my “healthy” face on and didn’t cough once! (I was so proud)  And I wiped everything down, I didn’t want to be THAT girl.

Bike:  This is the only arena where I am somewhat on target.  I was able to get on the trainer twice this week with little discomfort using light resistance.  I did have to skip the sprint and hill work during these sessions.

I am still sick and I am NOT happy.  Good thing my husband is out of town, because I am GRUMPY!  Not a fun gal to be around, for sure.  I am talking today off as my week 12 rest day, with hopes that I can at least attempt all the work outs this week.  I might not be able to preform all the drills and work out at the PRO level, but at least get something done!  Everyone keeps telling me that I am fine and I have plenty of time, but it doesn’t feel that way.  Fingers crossed that week 12 will be healthier!


One Response to “IM TX Week 11 Recap – FAIL”

  1. Theresa February 18, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Remember a Tough Chik is strong in the mind. Don’t let your body win, this week will be great!!!

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