IM TX 70.3 Week 10 Recap – Set back

11 Feb

HIM TX Training

Week 10 Recap

Swim: 2500 yds

Run: 5.5 miles

Cycle: 77 miles

6 workouts scheduled – 2.75 completed,  time – 6:41

As you know, I wrecked on Wednesday so I was only able to complete 3 (or more accurately 2.75) of the scheduled workouts.  Very disappointing as the week started off so well, as you can see, I still racked up several miles in 2.75 workouts.  I missed one swim, one bike and one strength workout.   And even tough I am bummed, I am okay with missing these workouts.  But I am NOT okay with missing any more!  I have a dr appointment this afternoon and hopefully he will wave a magic wand and make me ok!  Or at least tell me what I can do with out hurting myself any further.  As of now, I *think* I can ride and swim.  I know 100% that I can not run (I have trouble walking).  I am hoping that I can leave my run work outs for the end of the week and will be okay by then.  That way I won’t miss anymore sessions.  Honestly I feel I need to work the most on my run and that is the one disipline I KNOW I can’t do.  Typical, right?

So, Cross your fingers for me!

I hate set backs (who doesn’t).  I really hate no knowing how long I won’t be 100% and I really, really hate not following my plan.  Not being able to mark off each work out.  I really, really, really hate not being in control.  This is a minor set back, I know this.  I am pretty sure this won’t have me on the side line that long, but it still sucks.  Even if it is minor.  It could be worse, I know.  But it could be better!  Don’t you ever wish you could go back in time and just change one little move?  There are 100 other “moves” I would change first in my life, but right now I can’t help but wish that I didn’t reach for that water bottle or reach for my other bottle.

I am staying TOUGH!  Hopefully next weeks recap will be more complete!  I hope you have a great, wreck-free week! 🙂


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