IM TX 70.3 Week 9 Recap

4 Feb

HIM TX Training

Week 9 Recap – Active Recovery

Swim: 2500 yds

Run: 5.22 miles

Cycle: 20.75 miles

Strength Training: 1 hour (yoga)

4 workouts scheduled – 4 completed, 4 hrs

Active Recovery week was physically awesome and mentally brutal.  I could “literally” feel myself gaining weight and growing slower.  Every time I wanted to go out for a ride or just sneak in a few laps at the pool, I would look at the plan for this week and sit my lazy butt down and flip on Netflicks (I watched a lot of movies this week).  I also baked and cooked a lot this week.  Veggie Paella, Carrot Pumpkin muffins, Home-made energy bars, lentil sloppy joes and that was just over the weekend.  That is a lot of food for 2 people!

Swim – Ali and I went to the pool and just swam for an hour.  We each did out own thing, at our own speed and it was nice.  I had 2000 yd ladder that use be my go to work out, so I started there but it only took about 45-48 min, so I threw in some extra laps and ended with 2500.  Ali did 3000 in 60 min, at an “easy” pace.  She is a ROCK STAR!

Cycling – Tuesday was my 4 year anniversary of my wreck, so I knew I had to get out and ride.  I stuck to the bike trail (it is paved) because I couldn’t get out until later in the day and the traffic is a little sketchy later in the day.  I was such a nice and easy ride.  Lovely!

Run – I decided that I would run around the lake by my house, which was my go-to run before training.  One lap around the lake is a 5K, so for my 60 min run the plan was 2 laps.  The lake is hilly and I haven’t been running hills (since Galveston is flat).  The first lap took me 31:20, I was so disappointed! (I did run it counter-clockwise, normally I run clockwise, so I am hoping that was part of it…but STILL!)  In the past I could do it under 30 min, no problem.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!  I made it a few more miles and threw in the towel.  I left the lake heart broken.  I am not sure what is going wrong and why running is so hard for me.  UGH!

Well, I am exactly half way through my training and I am worried, I am not going to lie.  I know I will be able to cover the distance, I am just not sure if crawling will be involved.  I am trying to trust the plan and I need to work on fueling during the race.  I also need to get these silly time goals out of my head.  I want my goal to enjoy the race and feel good, not achieve some arbitrary time goal.  But who are we kidding….that isn’t me 😦


3 Responses to “IM TX 70.3 Week 9 Recap”

  1. Michelle Bouchard (@ltlindian) February 4, 2013 at 9:37 am #

    I know what you mean. I had my 10 mile race yesterday–hadn’t run over 6 miles in 15 months. But thought in my head,,, what’s 4 more miles? Hmmm. I told myself 1:30 would be great but 1:40 was what I was expecting. I got 1:37 and am disappointed that I didn’t do better. wtf? Not sure why I’m disappointed when I never did a long run?

    Don’t worry though, you’ll be fine!

  2. February 4, 2013 at 11:13 am #

    Try to remember….
    A) you get stronger during times of rest….so this week was about rebuilding your body NOT checking to see if you could run the lake loop as fast as you have done in the past

    B) IF you ran that loop correctly…then it SHOULD have taken you longer most likely. If you’re like the rest of us….and I know you are….you prob. ran that loop way too fast in the past….Not a nice easy recovery run….which is what this week was about…so 1-3 mins slower than a nice brisk run would be about right…

    C) get the distances you complete OUT of your mind until race-day….I swear, you will finish and you will surprise yourself when all is said and done. Train for time…

    Hang in there….you’re doing great

  3. Tonia February 6, 2013 at 5:30 am #

    You are doing awesome. Don’t doubt that on race day you are going to bring it. Truth be told, you should be running slower. It’s actually more beneficial, so take it as a blessing in disguise. You are awesome and tough, that will mean everything in the last few weeks!

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