IM TX 70.3 Week 7 recap

21 Jan


HIM TX Training

Week 7 Recap

Swim: 4100 yds (2000 yds, 2100 yds)

Run: 14 miles (6 miles, 8 miles)

Cycle: 38.3 miles

Strength Training: 45 min (1 lower body, 2 core)

6 workouts scheduled – 6 completed, 8 hrs

This week was tough, real tough and for the first time I started to wonder “if” I could do this.  My legs are exhausted and I really started to struggle to make it through the runs.  I have said over and over that I am not a runner and I am starting to feel like I am not much of a cyclist or a swimmer either!  My training plan has 3 tiers, beginner, intermediate and advanced, I have been doing the advanced work outs in all 3 disciplines.  That is catching up with me.

Run – This is were I am really struggling.  On Sunday (after a swim-ride brick on Saturday) was a 10 mile run (for the advanced plan) and it loomed over me all week.  10 miles for me is very far.  I can run 6 to 6.5 miles comfortably, last week 8 miles was HUGE and now 10!  I didn’t want to do 10 miles on a treadmill, so I found the flattest multi-use trail in the area and set out knowing full well I did not have 10 miles in me.  The intermediate plan was 8 miles and that was what I was able to complete.  I was disappointed that I didn’t make it to 10. I was disappointed that 8 hurt so bad and my stomach was such a mess.  Instead of being proud that I ran 8 miles with only a brief walk to re-fuel, which I haven’t done in ages, I was felt like I failed.  When I got home, I cleaned up and ate and then I needed a nap.  How am I going to run 5 more miles (after a mile plus swim and 56 mile bike ride) if I can’t even run 8 miles without napping!

Cycling – I only had one ride scheduled and it was after a swim on Saturday.  I got outside and rode alone and loved it, until the last 5-8 miles which were up hill and with a brisk headwind.  But is was a beautiful day and even though I got a little turned around (which is SO typical for me) it was great and I feel like I did a pretty good job of eating and drinking on the bike.  A win.

Swim – My swims are good, nothing extraordinary.  I won’t gain or loose time on the swim.  I just want to get through it comfortably and not waste myself.  I think that I am on that path.

Nutrition – on the bike – win, during the run – FAIL.  I still need to find something that I can consume on the run without messing up my stomach.  The search continues.

Overall this has been a rough week physiologically and doubt is creeping in about my abilities.  I think that I have surrounded myself with such accomplished athletes, that a 70.3 seemed totally doable.  Even typical, like everyone does it and it was going to be hard but something very manageable.  I think just now am I really starting to respect the distance and the race.  Not everyone can wake up and complete a half Ironman distance race and I need to put that in perspective.  I really need to find some lazier friends!


2 Responses to “IM TX 70.3 Week 7 recap”

  1. January 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    Oh girl….take a breath….IN and OUT! now repeat….IN and OUT!
    Your building a lot of running miles awful quickly…and there is no sure fire way to get discouraged than to try and do too much….Your body will let you know faster than shit that it won’t play that game.
    So my best advice in regards to the running….back off and go SLOW!! Run the miles slow and increase the distance slow…you GI system is in distress most likely b/c your HR was too high to take in the food….it hasn’t learned how….you have to teach it….every run you need to run slow and pack gels or blocks or whatever….and consume them in small bits with water…give your body some time to become accustomed to what your asking it to do…
    You’re gonna do fine….
    FYI…I don’t think I ever run more than 10miles or 90mins during my 70.3 training…the cost/benefit ratio isn’t there for me….I ride and swim more b/c I feel that’s where I can make up time AND it’s best for me to get off the bike feeling like I haven’t done anything yet..
    It’s a different approach…less of a run focus one, but it has worked for me.
    I WILL run up to 13-15miles in the off season though….when I have more recovery time…just aerobic base stuff
    running is hard on my body…mentally and physically!
    feel free to email if you have ANY specific questions!! 😉

  2. Susan K January 23, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    Awww Shannon. I just saw this. I can tell you that this is very common when training for your first half. The jump in volume and commitment is HUGE and it just gets to be so overwhelming at times. I trained for my first two HIMs with a Team in Training group of about 50 people and, really, everyone on their first go around definitely felt this way at one time or another. You definitely don’t need to be doing the advanced workout for every sport, give yourself a break on the run. And expect that you will be napping a lot. I nap ALL THE TIME during HIM and IM training. Your body is just worn out from the total volume across the weeks and months. There is nothing better for recovery and your state of mind than a nap. I also find that a hot bath and a small glass of wine helps with my state of mind as well. Hang in there because I promise it will get better – but it won’t ever be easy – and you will be ready!

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