IM 70.3 TX Week 3 Recap

24 Dec

HIM TX Training

Week 3 Recap

Swim: 2000 yds (1000 yds, 1000 yds)

Run: 10.73 miles

Cycle: 40 miles

Strength Training: 1 hour 15 min (1 upper body, 1 lower body and 2 core sessions)

6 workouts scheduled – 6 completed

Swim – I am swimming at the gym (sometimes I swim with Trainer Ali at her  neighborhood pool which is outside and very nice, but her daughter had a baby (YAY) so I was swimming solo this week) and all of the lanes were taken.  I asked a guy if I could share a lane with him.  He was not thrilled (he was swimming with a snorkel and a snorkeling type mask) but said “yes, it was ok”  I got in and he looked at me and said, “I just want you to know that sometimes I go underwater.”  I stared at him blankly and replied, “So, do I.”  He seem to think about it and said, “OK, but I go underwater, just so you know.”  Again, completely baffled I replied “Yep, when I swim, I go under the water.”  It was like we were speaking 2 different languages and we were looking at each other like the other was the biggest idiot in the world.  Puzzled, he looked at me and finally said “As, opposed to surface swimming I swim underwater.”  Assuming that this is some sort of Scuba/snorkel term and I am a complete ignoramus, I said, “Oh, oh okay, no that is fine.”  Luckily after a 200 yd warm up, a lane opened and I was able to move.  Now I know that I DO NOT swim underwater….who knew?  My seconds swim session was suppose to be 600 yds prior to a 90 min bike.  For 4 weeks I have not swam longer than 100 yds at a time and it is really freaking me out.  I was starting to wonder if I could swim longer than 200yds without stopping.  For may last 50, I decided to keep going and see if I could swim a 400.  I did and was okay.  Whew!  I haven’t lost it!

Cycle – both of my bike sessions were indoors this week.  My mom Santa brought me an early Christmas gift of a Garmin speed and cadence meter and I am now able to see how far and fast I am riding indoors.  Prior to this, I was guessing using my many years of bike experience AND I was totally off.  I am way slower and don’t go nearly as far as I thought.  Bummer.  The trainer is set in front of a TV and it still mind numbingly brutal and boring.  My 90 min session (after a 1000 yds in the pool) really sucked.  Even 2 episodes of Criminal Minds couldn’t save the ride.  But I DID IT!

Run – On Wednesday I had a 50 min run followed by a leg and core strength training session.  My leg were still sore from my Sunday leg session (YES, SUNDAY), so I knew this was going to suck.  After running for over 5 miles, my leg strength training session was pretty weak.  Hey, the plan said leg strength training, it never said how many work outs or how long!  I did 3 work outs of 12 reps in 4 sets and that was it!  My legs were wasted!  On Sunday, my husband and I hit the track again and did 10 x 100 drills.  Man those are tough!  He drove home from the local high school and I made a 5 mile route to run home.  This was my first outside run in several weeks.  The weather was a little cool and windy, but I felt pretty good.  I try and make a habit of not checking my Garmin every other minute and just let my run and pace happen.  I knew I was making good time and when my watch vibrated at the 5 mile mark I was blown away!  5 miles in 46 minutes, an average of a 9:16 pace.  For me that is HUGE!  I am usually a 9:30-9:40, for the area around our house which is pretty hilly!  I don’t know if it was drill warm up or strength training or a combo of the 2, but I was flying high!  Santa came early and brought this Tough Chik a PR!!!


Week 4 will be challenging as I will spend the majority of it in Texas at my mom’s.  I have a plan and a gym, my diet will be off and I am okay with that as long as I get my workouts in!  Wish me luck!






Merry Christmas Toughies!

703378_4508694592798_1493962247_oLove, the saddest elf ever!


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