Week 1 Recap

10 Dec

HIM TX Training

Week 1 Recap

Swim: 1850 yds

Run: 4 miles (sad)

Cycle: 0 miles – (so so so very sad)

Strength Training: 1 hour 15 min (1 upper body and 2 core sessions)

7 workouts scheduled – 5 completed (not good)


Here is the dress!  Sorry the pictures suck, but the kid at Fleming’s does not have a future in photography and I am too lazy to correct the images any more that I have already.  In red-eye function in Photoshop is giving us black eyes and I blew out the levels for you to even see us!  Anyhoo…if I look a little green that is because I spent the whole day is bed.  On Friday night I woke up feeling very nauseous and with a fever.  I slept all day on Saturday and I didn’t think I could pull it together for the party.  Of course the party started at The Ritz Carlton for cocktails, then they bused everyone to dinner at Fleming’s and the bused everyone back to the Ritz for an after-party and we all had rooms at the Ritz.  Nice, right?  I get sick twice a year and this is the stinking day!  Really?  UGH!

So I pulled it together and met my husband and the gang at Fleming’s for dinner, in which I ate nothing but bread and drank Sprite.  I slipped out before dessert as I was starting to feel light-headed.  My hubby was very happy that I made it and that made it worth getting out of bed.  Plus all the effort I put in to getting that dress, I was going to wear it!

I feel fortunate that I got sick during week 1 of training, hence the low mileage week and no riding.  But now I am super worried that what will happen if I get sick during week 16?  I guess I better start taking my vitamins.

I missed my ride on Saturday and track/run workout on Sunday.  I know that at this early stage it is not a big deal, but my type-A brain is hating that I can’t “X” out those work outs!  But today is a new week and I am still a little weak today, but I think I can manage a 1000yd easy swim.

Happy training and I hope you have a great week!

Tomorrow is Tough Chik Tuesday!  Look out for our deal of the week!



2 Responses to “Week 1 Recap”

  1. jnkmiles.org December 10, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    try no to worry too much….we’ve all had the flu here so training has been sporadic at best. AND, if it happens at week 16 you REST and recover knowing the work is done!! Don’t stress about the things that are out of your control….just relax, reduce your workouts a little this week, get some extra rest and ease back into it!! It’s all good!!

  2. Laura M December 10, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!! So sorry you were sick, but glad you are feeling better. 🙂

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