Welcome to Team Tough Chik: Kim, Janine and Gigi

26 Nov


Name: Kim

Location: Jersey Shore

Sport of Choice: Running

2013 Race Plans:

Disney World 5K and Marathon, Rock n Roll USA in DC, Runapalooza Asbury Park Half, Long Branch Half…. these are just the ones I am registered for so far, lol

What makes you a Tough Chik: I started running at age 38, and decided right away to train for a Half. My pace started at a 15-16 minute mile, and I am now running a 10-11 minute mile. In the past year I have run 2 Halfs with another coming up this weekend, and one in 2 weeks, at least 15 5Ks, three 5 milers, a 10 miler, 3 mud runs, and a 10K. I have also lost 30 pounds in the process. I have never quit, even when I wanted to! I just started adding in strength training!

If you had a super power, what would it be? The power to heal, I fund raise for Cancer Research charities, and I would love to be able to make their research obsolete!

Fun Fact: About 10 years ago, I lost over 60 pounds on WW and did a lot of DVD workouts, and became one of the back cover models for Collage Video’s catalog!

Blog: www.barkingmadaboutrunning.blogspot.com


Name: Janine

Location: Manchester, NH

Sport of Choice: Running, Adventure Races, and Endurance Relays

2013 Race Plans: I’m actually drastically reducing my races for next year – after doing 24 in 2012, I’m focusing on Reach the Beach (twice) to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association and maybe one or two other races beyond that. Addicted to relays!

What makes you a Tough Chik: Some call me crazy, others call me badass – either way, running for a cause I believe in and raising critical funds to help families impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease makes me a tough chik… even when it hurts and I want to stop, I know that my pain is nothing compared to what those families are going through – and it pushes me to go harder, faster, stronger. That’s what makes me a tough chik.

If you had a super power, what would it be? Probably being able to fly or transport like in Star Trek. Today’s transportation options are much too slow. Either that or I’m way too impatient!

Fun Fact: I sang karaoke at my wedding… even though the DJ forgot the karaoke set-up!

Blog: http://www.the-purple-giraffe.com

Name: Gigi

Location: South Huntington, NY

Sport of Choice: Running, Yoga and Roller Derby

2013 Race Plans: My very first Marathon will be on 5/5/13 – Flying Pig.  Also more 10ks and try to get a sub 30 5k and sub 60 10k

What makes you a Tough Chik: I started running in 2011 and I have gotten many of my friends up and off their butts too.

Blog: www.runningwithcandy.blogspot.com


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