Team Tough Chik – meet your leaders!

1 Nov


NAME:  Lauren

LOCATION:  Big Bear Lake. Ca

SPORT(S) OF CHOICE:  Triathlon, Cycling


IronGirl (Las Vegas and Del Mar)
Snow Shoe the Bear
Tour de Big Bear
Endure the Bear
Desert Tri
and maybe a Half Marathon o_O

WHAT MAKES YOU A TOUGH CHIK?:  What makes me a Tough Chik is by picking events that make me step out of my comfort zone. (IE triathlons when I am afraid of swimming in open water, and Tough Mudder when I am afraid of heights). What also makes me a Tough Chik is cheering on other racers during an event (normally when they pass me).

IF YOU HAD A SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?:  Hmmmm… Right now the ability to snap my fingers and my house be clean so I could spend more of my free time playing 🙂

Or maybe the ability to stop time, then I would have more time to play too 🙂

Ok so just something to let me play more =D

FUN FACT:  My family reunion on my dad’s side this year was organized around most of us doing Tough Mudder. Our team was My dad, 5 of my cousins (2 flew in from out of state) and me. The rest of the family came into town as “support”.


NAME:  Angela

LOCATION:  Carlsbad, CA

SPORT(S) OF CHOICE:  Mountain Biking


Complete my first Century ride!  Sea Otter 2013
Do my first Tough Mudder!

WHAT MAKES YOU A TOUGH CHIK?: I like to get dirty, and by dirty I mean ride my bike through dirt, mud, snow!  My favorite time to mountain bike is in the rain!  I love harsh weather during mountain bike races- its what makes it more of an adventure… its me against the elements.  Love it.

IF YOU HAD A SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?:  Telekinesis- being able to move objects with my mind…  Ive always thought that was the coolest power since I watched the old X Men cartoons and thought Jean Grey was the coolest!

FUN FACT:  When I was younger, I was a major book nerd.  I would read new Harry Potter books in a day or two, and do nothing but read.  Now that I travel for a living, I am listening to many books, as it helps pass the time better!  I love used book stores!


NAME:  Shannon

LOCATION:  Mission Viejo, CA

SPORT(S) OF CHOICE:  Cycling (Road and Mountain), Triathlon


Ironman 70.3 Texas – April

OC Triathlon – May

SheROX – October

Maybe a half marathon??  I am sure a few more will be tossed in here and there 🙂

WHAT MAKES YOU A TOUGH CHIK?:  Well, my mom is a Tough Ol’ Bird, so it is in my blood!  I am a Tough Chik because when life gets me down, I keep on trucking.  Being really stubborn and a little competitive helps too!

IF YOU HAD A SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?:  To read minds, especially my pets.  I swear my dog looks at me like he wants to say something!

FUN FACT:  I name everything.  Seriously, all of my bikes, vehicles, everything has a name.



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