SheROX 2012 San Diego

31 Oct

This is long overdue, but here is my race recap from my sprint distance triathlon, SheROX San Diego!

Since I only started racing triathlons last year, this was the first race I have participated in for a second year and I was very curious to see if I had improved any since last year.  I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I was more prepared last year, no matter what shape I was in “last year”.  This was Tough Chik’s 4th year at the expo and my 2nd year to race it.


Race day was Sunday and my bestie and I were wo-manning the Tough Chik tent at the packet pickup expo.  It was drizzling and kind of yucky.  At first we thought it was a think marine layer and would burn off.  But no such luck.  Rain is not fun when you are trying to sell clothes!  On Sunday as we drove to the race all I could think of, was how wet the roads were.  We don’t get a lot of rain here, so if we get a little, it mixes with the oils that cars leave on the road creating very slick roads.  I am a pretty experienced rider and could handle the wet roads, but this race attacks a lot of first-timers that might not be as experience or confident on the bike.  This made me nervous.  It wasn’t raining when started to race, but the damage on the road was done.

Yellow, again! For some reason I always get stuck with ugly swim caps.  (sorry all you yellow lovers, but I am not a huge fan)  I never get blue or pink or (I could always dream…) Purple.  So, I am not feeling the yellow, but I am at peace with it.  I forgot flip flops and didn’t have anyone to pass them off to anyone.  I think the worst part of a triathlon are the minutes prior to the swim.  It is kind of like getting off a plane, everyone is ancy and ladies who are in waves after me are pushing to get ahead.


I am not a strong swimmer, so I always place myself towards the back.  This is an in-water start, which I prefer, so I can position myself.  The horn blasted and we were off.  I felt great and calm during the swim.  I spent more time swimming (as opposed to doggie paddling) than I did last year and only had to doggie paddle around to bouyes because it was so congested.  When I left the water, I looked at my garmin and knew I did better than last year.

Time: 15:01 – a 4:30 PR!  yes, you read that right!  I was 4 and a half minutes faster this year on a half mile swim.  Thank you Trainer Ali!

T1 – I was lucky enough to be assigned a rack near the Tough Chik tent, so I got to see Molly and she was cheering me on. Time: 2:30 – 1 min slower than last year, I have NO IDEA why it took me so much longer!  I am not doing anything different and I know that it can’t be the distance from the swim in/bike out because all of the entrances and exits are near each other and T2 was the same as last year.  All I can say is that I must have been farting around.


This is a flat and fast  course and I love it.  Since it was the same course from last year, I knew it well and there were only a couple sharp turns that we needed to take a little more caution due to the wet conditions.  I felt pretty good on the bike, keeping between a 19-20 mph pace.  The only gals passing me where on tri bike with areo helmets, so I felt good about my performance.  As we were heading back to transition, one gal came up next to me and complimented me on my kit.  She said “You are a tough chik, you have been kicking dirt up in my face all day”.  I apologized and we laughed.  Then I saw my friend and Team Tough Chik teammate, Jess, and her boyfriend Chad who came out to cheer me on.  So, I gave them a little show and jumped out of the saddle and sprinted up the last stretch.  It was a great ride with one exception, and I am going to call some triathletes out.  So sit down, I am getting on my soap box.

In my experience, triathletes make poor cyclists.  Not that they are physically poor, they are poor when it comes to cycling etiquette.  And this is not just during a race, this is an across the board generalization.  Again, my experience and there are some wonderfully polite triathletes.  But a basic cycling rule is that when you are going to pass someone you say “On your left”.  This was a race, we were passing people left and right, but you can tell if someone is shaky on the bike or if they are veering to the middle of the lane.  I was getting passed while I was passing cyclist with out a word.  This is a beginner race on wet road, you really need to take a little bit more caution and call out to others.  I spoke with several first-time triathletes who complained about this and every time I said “On you left” I almost always got a grateful “thank you” back!  I understand you are racing and you don’t have to say it every time you pass someone, but use your head and err on the side of safety.  Tree little words aren’t going to slow you down.

Okay, off my box!

Now that is a pretty face. I wonder if I always look like that when I am changing gears?

Time: 38:23 – 37 sec slower than last year.  I am going to attribute that to wet roads and not get upset about it.  (but it does bug me)

T2 – Nothing to report Time:1:49 – same as last year


It is no secret, this is my least favorite part.  This course is kind of a lollipop with 2 laps around the “lolli”.  Jess and Chad positioned themselves on the lap, so I would pass them twice.  There was also another cheering squad on the lap that was doing the wave, it was fun.  I was trying to make the best of a wet, sloppy run.  I was able to pass my sunglasses off to Jess on the first lap.  It was so gloomy that I didn’t need them and they were blocking my Team Tough Chik visor, bad for photos!  On my second lap, I got a good laugh as Chad was wearing my big white sunglasses.  At the end they egged me on to give it a final kick.  I am not a sprinter, but I did my best for a final push.

Time: 26:19 – 52 sec slower than last year.  Now this really makes me wonder.  I have been running more and faster than last year and I was feeling good on the run, so I have no idea why I am slower.

OVERALL Time: 1:23:59 – over 3 minutes faster!


5 Responses to “SheROX 2012 San Diego”

  1. tootallfritz October 31, 2012 at 9:11 am #

    You looked great! Whooooop! Great job!

  2. Becca October 31, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    You did amazingly well, and you looked awesome! You are definitely our fearless leader!

    • toughchik October 31, 2012 at 9:55 am #

      Awe! You are so sweet! Thank you!

  3. Theresa October 31, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    great job and great race report. 52 seconds on the run could be just trying to get around people, or the timing mat was in a slightly different place. I’m sure your recovery was much better than last year. I was in Newport the same day and the rain was not welcome, but I do think us more experienced cyclists had it easier because we were confident in our riding skills even with the wet pavement. I think I was more worried about my bike getting dirty and gritty. Your photos turned out great and like a good sponsored athlete you could see the team name well in all of them.

  4. Mary Frances Diaz November 1, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    It was awesome to meet you at SheRox! You are amazing!!!! Love the clothes too!

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