Straight from the Tough Chik’s Mouth: Team Tough Chik Testimonials!

3 Oct

Below are four testimonials of Team Tough Chik team members from our inaugural year.  Read their stories, and decide if you to want to join Team Tough Chik!!!



Around this time last year I noticed some chatter from friends on Facebook talking about joining Team Tough Chik. I had thought about applying for sponsorship or to be on a few teams but never followed up because I thought I wasn’t fast/competitive/accomplished (take your pick) enough to be on anyone’s team. I was just someone that loved to tri and was pretty much a middle of the packer. When I took a look at Team Tough Chik I realized this wasn’t your average team. For the price of a kit – and there are lots of levels  and cute options to choose from – I became part of a team who was in the business of encouraging everyone from a beginner 5K runner to a competitive ironman athlete to get active and support each other  in our athletic endeavors but in our personal lives as well. Lots of teammates cheered me through my ironman training last year and helped get me to the start line with their advice (hello shin splints!) and support (I’m tired and don’t know if I can do this- help please). I’ve made virtual tough chik friends across the country and have met a few in person at races. I’ve also had the thrill of having fellow racers take a look at my team singlet and confirm for me that I *am* what tough looks like! So I’ll definitely be joining up again this year- I guess the only question is will it be a new cycling, tri, or running kit that I will be sporting?


I wear my Team Tough Chik gear a lot.  Those who don’t know me probably think I’m arrogant sporting the, “this is what tough looks like” slogan.  Some think its cool and say the same, others pass me up thinking “you’re not THAT tough”.  However, for me, being tough is as much a state of mind as a physical attribute.  There will always be others who are stronger and faster but I am tough enough to get it done when most wouldn’t even think to try.  I’m tough enough to push forward when I want to just give up and sit one out.  I’m tough enough to encourage others even when I know they will be better, stronger, faster than me.  I’m tough enough to know that being tough has nothing to do with physical strength but everything to do with self esteem.
What does Team Tough Chik mean to me?  It means that I’m part of an amazing community of active, confident women who love themselves and want to propel other women forwad so that they too recognize themselves as tough and powerful.  I love the Team because its inclusive and recognizes that tough comes in all different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities.  I encourage friends, and perfect strangers alike, to join the team inorder to enjoy the many resources Team Tough Chik offers on all things fitness, to have the opportunity to meet our amazing sponsors and be introduced to great products, to be part of something so much bigger than they will experience on their own…….a world wide network of Tough Chiks.
When I first heard about this team, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had been sponsored before on a fairly large team, and was not happy with how that turned out, but Then I checked out the website and fell in love with the clothes, and decided to try again and apply to be a Tough Chik and boy I’m glad I did! Not only is this a team of women on the move, but an awesome support system. The group page is filled with love and support whether you are running your first 5k, having questions regarding training or injuries, just having a bad day at work and just need to reach out to others.  The other bonus is that the clothes are super cute and are durable and you take pride in wearing these clothes. Although I haven’t met any Chiks in person yet, I feel I have developed great friendships with these ladies and look forward to meeting them someday.
When I first heard about Team Tough Chik, I knew immediately that I had to join. I grew up playing sports and have always loved being part of a team. As an adult, I stepped away from team athletics and moved into endurance sports. That led to lots of training on my own. But I have never believed that endurance events were meant to be a solo venture. An athlete needs a support system, training partners, and like-minded individuals to gain knowledge from and share information with. I longed to be a part of a team, a community, where I could contribute and be supported. Over the last year, Team Tough Chik has provided all that and more. Joining Team Tough Chik has given me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. To represent “what tough looks like.” And to grow as an athlete. It has been an experience I wouldn’t pass up and I wouldn’t want anyone else to miss either.

3 Responses to “Straight from the Tough Chik’s Mouth: Team Tough Chik Testimonials!”

  1. Christine October 4, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    I love being on the team and the shirts are awesome. It makes me feel powerful every time I pass a runner in a race,because I know they read the “This is what tough looks like” on my back. Many times somebody came up and told me they really like my shirt 🙂

  2. Day's Run October 7, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    I joined the team even though I’m not a ‘fast’ runner. The women are great motivators and don’t care if I do an 8 m/m or a 15 m/m. They’re just glad I’m out there trying. Now that I’m injured, they have become a great support system in a time when I normally would have turned to Ben & Jerry’s. We might not know each other personally, but we understand each other. Understand what it’s like to be a women struggling with day-to-day problems while trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Thanks to everyone for being there for me…for being my friend!


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