Interbike/Cross Vegas

25 Sep

Last week I drove 4 hours East to Sin City for North America’s largest bicycle trade event and show, Interbike.  This was my first time to attend the show as an attendee and not an exhibitor and boy was I happy!  Interbike is a lot of work and 3 long days of standing and smiling…exhausting.  This time I got to actually see the show and enjoy the events.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon in time for CrossVegas, the largest cyclocross race in the US that always coincides with Interbike.  There are 3 categories: Wheelers & Dealers (industry folks – men and women together), Elite Women and Elite Men.  In the Elite Women category there were 2 cross country mt. bike olympic racers from London (Cross Country Mt Biking and Cyclocross are very different sports, but heck if you can race at the Olympics, I am thinking you can pretty much handle anything on a bike).  Just to give you an idea how strong these racers were, the Olympians did not crack the top 3 in the Women’s Elite category! Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team), fresh off of her bronze medal at the Olympic games in London finished 11th and Kelli Emmett who also raced in London finished 5th.  If you are not familiar with the sport of cyclocross, please take a look below and see the craziness and pure awesomeness that is Cyclocross.

CrossVegas 2012

Angela and Shannon

They were going so freaking fast and on GRASS!

You can carry or jump your bike over the obstacles and yes the do JUMP them!

Thursday I hit the show and found some cool stuff that I would like to share! (I did some work too, but it wasn’t fun to photograph 😉

New Colorful Earbuds from Yurbuds Available at Target starting Oct 1.
MSPR $30 (I love the purple)

This helmet is SO cute! The polka-dots match the polka-dots on my chick’s helmet on the Signature Tough Chik Jersey!

Angela’s new bike, she really is “Heck on Wheels”

I know that the paint should NOT impact a decision…but it is SO pretty in PURPLE

That is purple and white, yeah I like purple…



If you aren’t a cycling geek, then you have NO IDEA who this guy is, LOL.  Bob Roll was an US professional cyclist and now he is a commentator for all of the major bike races.  He is quite the cycling icon and a big personality.  I also saw George Hincapie, Miguel Indurain, Brian Lopes and Tom Danielson.  I really wanted to ask Tommy about my Tour crush (and his teammate) Tyler Farrar, but I restrained myself.

After a full day of gawking looking at bikes and components we can’t afford, we headed to the House of Blues for some live music and fun.

House of Blues

Overall it was a great whirlwind of a trip, fast and furious but awesome never the less!  Angela worked her tail feather off securing some amazing new sponsors for Team Tough Chik 2013 and we will all be happy about that!

Speaking off…TEAM TOUGH CHIK Registration will open at the end of the week!  If you would like updates via email, please sign up here!


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