Check out Janine and Christina, they are 2 TOUGH CHIKS!

28 Jun


Name: Janine

Location: Manchester NH

Sport of Choice: Running, Cycling, anything outdoors!

Hobbies: Blogging, hiking, running for beer!

2012 Race Plans: I run almost exclusively for beer – and there are a surprising amount of races around here that offer free beer at the end!  Mostly 5k’s and adventure races, culminating with a 200 mile relay (Reach The Beach) for the Alzheimer’s Association – Team TUTU HOT TO HANDLE!

What makes you a Tough Chik: Wow, tough question (pun intended)! I grew up with three older brothers – that either makes you tough or a princess, right? I was one of the toughies! I don’t back down from a challenge, and feel that if you aren’t continuously challenging yourself, you’ll never reach even a FRACTION of your potential. Life is too short to play it safe – it’s all about trying new things and pushing the limits!


Fun Fact: I am a sucker for cheesy “B” horror movies – if you haven’t seen CHUD, you’re missing out!

Name: Christina

Location: Chantilly, VA

Sport of Choice: Running

Hobbies: Reading, healthy cooking

What makes you a Tough Chik: I may not be the fastest chik out there, by I try my hardest and I love to get other Chiks out there with me.

Fun fact: I am new to the world of fitness.  After many starts and stops in my fitness journey, I finally fell in love with fitness at the age of 33… That was only 3 years ago.


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