Friday Fun Day with Beth, Sammie and Kate!

15 Jun

Name: Beth

Location: New Mexico

Sport of Choice: Running

Hobbies: Facebook!

2012 Race Plans: Reach the MERCURY level in Half Fanatics by December and SUN level by March ’13.  Start full marathons in the last quarter of 2012.

What makes you a Tough Chik: Stubbornness and goal orientation. I’ll keep pushing to reach a goal and I have to be careful not to overdo things. It’s hard for me to  “rest ” if I have a goal in mind.


Fun Fact: Hated…and I mean HATED…running as a kid. Now I can’t seem to stop!

Name: Sammie

Location: Colorado Springs

Sport of Choice: Triathlon, running

Hobbies: my kiddos, my fur babies and school

2012 Race Plans: 5K, Half marathon, Sprint tri, 1/2 ironman tri, FULL IRON DISTANCE TRI!!!!!!!

What makes you a Tough Chik: I was diagnosed with Lupus about two years ago.  It affects my joints something fierce and it has started attacking my kidneys.  I refuse to give because I am a fighter!  Before my next birthday I WILL complete a full iron distance triathlon!


Fun Fact: I have no idea!



Name: Kate

Location: Bountiful, Utah

Sport of Choice: Running and trying to cycle and swim.

Hobbies: Four-wheeling, jeeping, and camping

2012 Race Plans: My first 10k and maybe a half if I can swing it!

What make you a Tough Chik: I try to be the best that I can be. I want to prove to those that think I can’t that I can and I WILL!


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