My favorite Mother’s Day story

16 May

A few weeks ago I got an email from a woman looking for an I Run t-shirt for herself and an I Ride t-shirt for her mother.  They were racing a Mother’s Day Duathlon and wanted to have the shirts for the race.  I helped her out and made sure they had their tees for the race.  I asked for photos, as I always do, and to my delight I received an email on Tuesday with some of the following pictures.

Kelly and her mom

I asked her if I could share these photos and she sent me the following note…

I think I mentioned in an earlier email that over the last few years my mom has had some falls, which resulted first in a broken right wrist and most recently in a broken left wrist.  She’s had to have surgery on both wrists and metal plates in both.  She’s 71 (well she will be on Monday) and the recovery and therapy for the left wrist has not been going well.  She’s had virtually no mobility in her wrist since the surgery  in December.  It’s extremely frustrating for her, because she has always been fit and strong.  Her youngest grandchild crowned her “strongest fastest grandma ever.”  Her frustration has been  magnified by the fact that she is the caretaker for her husband who has MS and is in a wheelchair…so she has to be strong and capable.

Training for the relay improved her wrist mobility and strength more in a month and a half than months of physical therapy.  And, best of all…when we were at brunch after the race, she said she was so glad we had done this.  Before she had been feeling old, feeble and incapable…and now she feels strong and competent and tough again!  And, now she’s found our next relay to do…in August, with a 16.5 mile ride.  Momma got her mojo back!!!!

Thanks again for the shirts, they really helped make the day extra special”



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