ITU San Diego Race Recap

15 May

Race: ITU San Diego – Sprint Distance Triathlon

Distance: 750M – Swim 26K – Bike 5K – Run


Good News – I had a free place to stay with friends who live north of San Diego

Bad News – I got about 3hrs of sleep, I kept checking the time, waking up every 20 min, the room was hot and stuff, Marc was snoring and sleeping on the floor…it was bad

Look how freaking happy I am to get out of the water!

Swim – 750 m

Good News – I didn’t quit

Bad News – As soon as I hit the water, a wave of exhaustion washed over me.  I was so very tired and could only swim a few feet before I would have to rest.  I haven’t experienced this kind of fatigue in the water….ever!  I was seriously thinking how I could get rescued, how I would blog about “the race I quit”, how I could sell my bib for my race the following weekend.  “There is no way I can do an Oly…I can’t make through this sprint!!!”  I started doggie paddling and made “deals” with myself.  “You can doggie paddle to the next buoy and then you have to start swimming….okay, the next buoy and then you MUST start swimming”.  This went on and on until I got out of the water.

Time: 17:31 (not great, really bummed but at least I finished!)

Rank: 27/36

I love how I am leaning the bike while I climb…I look legit!

Bike – 26 KM

Good News – I love the bike, I feel at home and comfy here.  There was a great decent where I got up to 41 MPH!  So awesome!!!

Bad News –  Obviously if I had an awesome decent, that means there was an ascent to go along with it.  I looked at the bike route before hand and even looked at the elevation chart.  I knew there was one climb in La Jolla, but it didn’t concern me.  Come to find out it was an 18% grade over 1KM.  A lot of folks walked it.  After the 23% grade at Sea Otter (that you repeated 4 times), this didn’t seem so bad.  Don’t get me wrong it was tough, but doable.

Time: 1:01:14

Rank: 11/36 (1:01 faster and I would have broke top ten, which is always a secret goal.  Not so secret now…)

Just trucking along

Run: 5K

Good News: The first mile off the bike always sucks, but I have been doing a ton of bricks and it really paid off!  My legs felt great!  I was passing people right and left, I felt good, but I had no idea my pace.  My Garmin isn’t working (well the enter button) so I can time the entire event and break it up by lap, but I can’t use the multi-sport function.  When I would look at me speed it was say 10:20, I figured that was some weird average and I was running was faster.  I mean I was passing people!  The course wasn’t marked, so I didn’t even know how far I had run.

Bad News: I was running a 10:20 and that is why I felt so good!  I should have been closer to a 9:45 and I think if I knew how slow I was running, I could have pushed myself and got a better time.

Time: 31:11

Rank: 16/36

Showing off my Cyclo Femme Tat

Overall – It was a tough, tough swim.  I really wanted to quit and I am so proud that I didn’t.  Luckily the bike went great and I really got my confidence back.  The run was a little slow but overall a good race/

Time: 1:55:33

Rank: 13/36


8 Responses to “ITU San Diego Race Recap”

  1. tootallfritz May 15, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    You kicked butt! Great job! I’m a poor biker so please tell me why it’s good that you are leaning while you climb, HELP me! LOL! Great job, Shannon!

  2. Laura M May 15, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Way to go, Shannon!! You’re SO ready for the OC Tri this weekend…and hey, you even get to sleep in your own bed so you’ll be well-rested. 🙂
    As for that picture of the Cyclo Femme tat…what tat? All I see is how great your back looks!
    Best of luck this weekend! Hope you can join us for a Trail Angel ride soon!

  3. tmbrunnerfirst May 15, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    You did awesome. And you’ll be ready for the OLY. I have to say, if I ever went 41 mph on my bike I would poop my pants. The fastest I’ve ever gone was 29 and I swore I was going to die.


  4. Andrea S May 15, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    You did great!! reading your race recap makes me more excited for my 1st tri in 19 days, but alittle more nervous also. I am afraid the swim might be the death of me and that is not good considering it is the first part! Awesome JOB!!!!

  5. Niki May 16, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Shannon, it’s so awesome that you finished even when you wanted to quit in the water! THAT is what tough looks like!! Way to tough it out!

  6. Christine May 21, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    Good job, especially after the tough swim! Congrats!


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