DB at the Pool

9 May

You might not be familiar with the abbreviation DB.  So before I continue, click here the find out what I am talking about.

Yesterday was my back to reality swim at the pool.  No longer watching tropical fish and sea turtles, I was now staring down a tile line instead of navigating the Pacific ocean surrounding Hawaii.  Come to find out, Tuesday morning is a popular time for triathletes to swim at our neighborhood pool.

As I walked into the pool a guy rolled up and talked with Trainer Ali about his new Chia seed drink and how awesome it is.  I didn’t think much of it.  She lives at the pool and knows everyone, plus she is the nicest, kindest woman on the planet, so everyone loves her and rightly so.

I had an endurance swim on the plan, so I was under water and not socializing at all for the hour, but I could tell that this guy and his two lady friends were pretty serious swimmers.  They were sprinting quite a bit and he was fast.  He appeared to be a great athlete, I will give him that.

I got out of the pool and was drying off and talking to Ali while she was in the pool.  This guy asked her if she was competing in the OC tri and Ali said that she was planning on it, but hadn’t signed up.  Then she pointed to me and said that I will be there and that it was my first Oly distance.  He glanced at me and snorted “well, this is a pretty tough race to start off with”.  Ali stood up for me and laughed it off with a “well, she can handle it, she will do great”.  What the heck!  He retorted, it is a difficult course, I mean there is 1400 ft of climbing on the bike.  I was peeved, and went mute.  This course is our backyard, I have been riding it for over 2 years pretty regularly.  Sure is it more climbing than most triathlons in our area but it isn’t obscene.  I think he was trying to psych me out.

I loudly told Ali about my recent race a Sea Otter which was 4,000 ft of climbing over 40 miles.  “Now, THAT is a challenging course” (of course I left how how poor I performed at the race).  He kept throwing quips out there like how everyone trys to draft off him and how annoying it is.  Please!  I am sure he is a very good athlete.  I mean they guy was ripped and had a piece of gear or clothing from at least 3 different Ironman races…we get it, you are a rock start.

The part of this that REALLY annoys me is that over 24 hrs later, I am still thinking about it.  He really got in my head.  I am questioning all of my training, the absurd amount of traveling and the fact that I am racing this weekend (the weekend before).  I sacrificed my Sea Otter training for this race and now I feel like I have should have done more.  Should I do more, should I taper?  I can’t taper, can I?  If I taper for this weekend, then I taper 2 weeks for my big race the following weekend.

How do you deal with back to back races?  How do you deal with DBs?



4 Responses to “DB at the Pool”

  1. climbrunliftmom May 9, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    Don’t let him get to you, you’ve been doing great with your training and your going to do great at the tri. If you take anything away from it, maybe a little extra motivation to kick more ass just to spite him 🙂

  2. Michelle May 9, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    Don’t worry about the DB at the pool. You aren’t competing against him, or for him, or for anything that has to do with him. He’s just a blow hard that needs to talk about how awesome he is to make himself feel good.

    You have trained and will be just fine! You rock at the bike part anyway, so no worries about that!

    Good luck and I hope you chick that DB!


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