Meet Courtney, Patty and Claudia!

30 Apr


Name: Courtney

Location: Virginia Beach

Sport of Choice: Running/Mud Runs/Trail Running

Hobbies: chasing my kids, cooking

2012 Race Plans: Disney Princess Half Marathon, Yeungling Shamrock Half Marathon and 8k (Dolphin Challenge),Tough Mudder mid-Atlantic, Warrior Dash VA,  ASYMA Mud Run, Colonial 200 Relay, several other local races

What make you a Tough Chik: As a full-time working mom of two small boys, it is hard to find time do laundry let alone train for a race, but in the past 5 years, I have run over 40 races, several of which I have won or placed in my age group.  I think what makes me a Tough Chik isn’t the number of races I’ve completed, rather, being a role model for my boys by staying fit and active. They see the commitment I have to my health, fitness, and overall well-being and the drive I have to keep at it even though life is hectic. I love that my boys are proud of their mom and that they think it’s cool that their mom likes to get muddy!


Fun Fact: I love watching anything from the BBC/PBS, especially British mystery stories.


Name: Patty

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Sport of Choice: Mud Runs

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Hiking, Biking, Cooking, Home Decorating/Home Improvement Projects

2012 Race Plans: Pat’s Run, Warrior Dash, Dirty Six Mud Run, Carlsbad 5000

What makes you a Tough Chik: In the fall of 2008, I was at work and wasn’t feeling well. Thinking I had the flu, I went home after work and lay down. I continued to feel worse so I decided to go to the hospital although I felt silly and figured they would send me home. When I arrived at the emergency room, the doctors told me I was having a massive heart attack. I underwent surgery and had two stents put in. Afterwards, as a part of the recovery process, the doctor sent me to a Cardiac Rehab facility where I began a 36 visit cardio fitness program. They also helped me to get started on a diet that was low in saturated fat. At first, I wasn’t happy about it but then I found that I started to look forward to working out. I lost 30 pounds, I felt great, and as I started to feel more confident, I started trying different activities. I tried indoor rock climbing and found that I loved it. Then I tried a few runs and that was fun too. Then I discovered mud runs and really loved those! Pretty soon, I was exercising almost every day and enjoying it! Now, I love exercising and trying new activities. I feel very lucky to have a second chance at life and that’s why I am a tough chik!


Name: Claudia

Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

Sport of Choice: Mountain Bike, Paddle Board, Snow Shoe, Running, skiing

Hobbies: Hiking, Travel

2012 Race Plans: Conquer the Cub

What make you a Tough Chik: We will see…..

Fun Fact: I sleep with a night light

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