Your Monday just got better! Meet Jen, Carrie and Molly!

16 Apr


Name: Jen

Location: Rockville, MD

Sport of Choice: I am a triathlete addicted to running.

Hobbies: I love the Lord and enjoy spending my time sharing God’s love with youth, specifically Middle High. I really enjoy basketball, but my 5’2″ frame prevented me from going too far; currently coach my daughters 3rd grade team (undefeated, btw). Besides sports, I am crafty and enjoy baking.

2012 Race Plans: RnR DC 1/2 marathon  (March), Rumpus in Bumpass Oly (April), Columbia Tri

What make you a Tough Chik: Perhaps it is because I continue to push myself to my limits. Perhaps that I enjoy motivating others and showing them that we can succeed. I think i have moments where I feel not tough, but then I look at how far I have come. Being a member of a team is cool. Being a member of a team of women is awesome. Being a member of a team of Touch Chiks is EPIC!


Fun Fact: I am an identical twin, I have purple hair (this week), and I have lost 96 pounds since April 2009 (and kept it all off).


Name: Carrie

Location: Wiscasset, ME

Sport of Choice: Running

Hobbies: Cake baking, sewing, home improvement, reading, and blogging to name a few.

2012 Race Plans: Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler, Race the Runways Half Marathon, Reach the Beach Relay, and Maine Marathon with other races in between!

What makes you a Tough Chik: I hate to fail. I understand that in order to succeed, recognizing our weaknesses and working on them will help us learn and grow. I like to prove to myself that I can do anything, regardless how difficult it may seem. Enjoying the experience is what it is all about and the pride I feel when I accomplish something makes the difficulties and failures that occurred along the way worthwhile.


Fun Fact: I own more power tools than my husband.


Name: Molly

Location: Laguna Beach, CA

Sport of Choice: Cycle, Tri

Hobbies: Buying books, Hiking , Traveling

What make you a Tough Chik: I completed a marathon on a broken foot I didn’t know I had.  Surviving through a very painful marriage and divorce to come out the other side a much better person.

Fun Fact: I am addicted to cheese.


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