Triathlon Police

13 Apr

I had another ego check session with Trainer Ali on the track yesterday.  We started with a warm-up mile and I was feeling pretty good.  Our first 200m sprint I noticed a rather large knot at the top of my left quad.  I was hoping that warming up my muscles would relax the knot and it would go away.  Our plan was to run a one mile warm up the 200m sprint followed by a 400m zone 4 (yeah right).  We would do the sprint sequence 4 times, one more than last week.

Each sprint sequence I noticed the knot, at first it didn’t hurt, I was just aware the knot was there.  I made it through 3 reps and then Ali and I got to talking, maybe taking a little longer rest than we should.  The next rep I made it about 100m into the 200m sprint and the pain was too much to continue.

I have a killer schedule starting next week.  On Wednesday I leave for Monterey, CA where I will expo and race at Sea Otter, followed by a weekend of expoing in AZ at Whiskey Off Road, then I will come home for 2 day for 5 days in HI (I know, tough life) for my husbands work.  I get one weekend at home, then a Sprint tri followed by an Oly tri the following weekend.  If you have ever worked an expo, you know it is very fatiguing.  You are “ON” from about 9-5 and on your feet, so it can take a lot out of you.  It can be tough to add in training, but I plan on it.  So as you can clearly see, THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR AN INJURY!

I know it isn’t serious and I know that if I “rest” (the ugly R word), I will be fine.  But since there are days of travel when I won’t be able to train, I really feel like every day I am at home, I should utilize.  I need to stick to the plan!  I was joking with my husband that the Triathlon police were going to take me away if I stray from the plan.  I am not really sure what will happen if I take some time off, but my crazy brain is telling me it is bad.  Crazy right?

Today on the “plan” is a swim, which I can do without injuring myself any further.  So I have a day of reprieve before I need to make the decision to listen to my body or my crazy obsessed brain.  I know, I know, listen to the body…I preach it all the time.  But you know the saying “Doctors make the worst patients.”  Well, consider me a terrible patient.


One Response to “Triathlon Police”

  1. April 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Listen to your body…and I’m a fine one to say it, but things here are getting worse NOT better as I try and test the boundaries of rest vs train. There is no middle ground, I’m finding. If it hurts, don’t do it. The end. 🙂 As of yesterday, I’m following this advice from here on out…and heading to ortho myself! Time Served!!

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