TGIF! I bet Sophie, Lauren and Chrystal are doing something TOUGH this weekend!

6 Apr


Name: Sophie

Location: San Diego, California

Sport of Choice: Personal fitness training, heavy-bag boxing, running (trail and road), swimming, snowshoeing, hiking, the occasional flipping tires and pulling trucks!

Hobbies: Work (I love my work), traveling, meeting friends, probably many others I can’t think at the moment (my life is NOT boring!)

2012 Race Plans: So far signed up only through June and will keep adding as the year goes on; Carlsbad Half-Marathon, Tinkerbell Inaugural Half-Marathon, RNR Pasadena Half-Marathon, Finish Chelsea’s Run 5K, San Diego PETCO Inaugural Half-Marathon, Hot Chocolate Race 10K, Hollywood Star Inaugural Half-Marathon, SoCAL RAGNAR, La Jolla Half-Marathon, World Famous Mud Run Camp Pendleton, America’s Finest City Half-Marathon (Triple Crown), Dirt Devils Trail Half-Marathon Series, EcoRun 10K

What make you a Tough Chik: Started to be really more active about 5 years ago when I came to California; 10 years ago had a chronic illness that prevented me to run one single block without being out of breath, conquered that and am stronger than ever at the ripe age of 48 now. I am very competitive and always looking for a new challenge to do. I am not scared of anything and ‘go for it’ which has resulted in various injuries over the years and scars/sprains to show for. Scare my friends fairly frequently and never volunteer to my parents in France what I am up to :-). Always looking for the ‘next’ thing and cannot imagine becoming a ‘reasonable’ person.  Recently got lost as I was hiking/running alone on trails, after 3 hours of trying to find my way back crawling through brushes, etc.; had to call for help and a sheriff helicopter was sent out for me, I remained calm, went to higher altitude and marked the sign “Help” on a flat place with rocks so that the helicopter could spot me; once they did and showed me the trail, I got right back on it and got down by myself (8 hours later bloody/beaten up).

Blog: None (thinking I should write a book/sitcom of my life though)

Fun Fact: I am French – okay that IS not a fun fact :-), came to the US 20 years ago on what was supposed to be a 2-month internship.    I set up clinical trials for cancer patients and have been fortunate to be involved in the development of 2 drugs that are now treating patients worldwide. As a French person, used to make fun of those sporty US people who always run and took pride of being a couch potato for years.  I   have now run over 15 half-marathons on road and trails and countless other smaller races including one oversea in Windsor, UK in front of the Queen’s Castle during a one-year international assignment in England.    I have also done 2 international bicycle vacations in Costa Rica and Vietnam.


Name: Lauren

Location: Roanoke, VA

Sport of Choice: Running and Cycling

Hobbies: Cooking (mostly because I love eating), taking pictures, blogging, and hanging out with my awesome hubby

2012 Race Plans: So far I am signed up for the Blue Ridge Half (or Full?) Marathon and the National Capital Tour de Cure (50 mile ride).  I definitely hope to add some more races and rides onto the schedule though.

What makes you a Tough Chik: Like so many other toughies, I don’t necessarily consider myself a tough chik for my physical abilities. Sure, I like to think that I have a good bit of endurance, but I don’t run particularly fast and I am scared to death of letting go of the brakes on my bike when I’m going downhill.  I consider myself a tough chik because I love to challenge myself.  Once I’ve committed to a challenge, I’m going to give it my all. It is always my goal to never quit or give up on myself.  This doesn’t mean I will always be successful, but I will know that I tried my hardest at whatever it was.  Of course, since I love to challenge myself, I’m always trying to run faster and loosen my grip on the brakes, but accomplishing these things isn’t what makes me tough.  Proving to myself that I CAN do it only makes me dig deeper and try to push myself to the next level.  This determined spirit is what makes me a tough chik!


Fun Fact: I really love ice cream.


Name: Chrystal

Location: Fresno, CA

Sport of Choice: MTB

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Horseback riding, Hiking, Running and Toyota 4Wheeling

2012 Race Plans: SoCal Endurance series, Kenda Cup series, Big Sandy, Sea Otter Classic, Catalina Island Grand Fondo and whatever else I can squeeze in.

What make you a Tough Chik: After a 7 year marriage destroyed my self esteem, self worth and self image I set out to reinvent myself. If you can’t value yourself how will you be able to value others? It has been a long process but I am beginning to see my inner strength being reflected outward and if feels great! I work in a 99.9% male industry so I can’t wait to meet fellow toughies!

Fun Fact: I spent 6 months teaching Kindergarten in Bangkok, Thailand. I love Skittles but don’t like chocolate.


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