Start you weekend off right with Kathleen, Sandra and Charlene.

30 Mar


Name: Kathleen

Location: Richmond, VA

Sport of Choice: running

Hobbies: indoor cycling, yoga, politics

2012 Race Plans: SCAN 5k, Monument Ave 10k, HCA 8k

What makes you a Tough Chik: Until two years ago, I only ran if I was being chased.  Almost on a dare, I signed up with a local women-only training team (Mother Runners!) and successfully completed my first 10k. I won’t win any land-speed records, but that doesn’t matter to me.  I’m out there, I’m enjoying it and I’m showing anyone who cares (esp. my kids) that it’s never too late to start (and love) something new.

Fun Fact: I attended college in the Bay Area and lived there for several years after graduation. One item on my bucket list was running across the Golden Gate Bridge. The photo I’ve attached is my ‘proof’ that I checked off that item!


Name: Sandra

Location: Keene, NH

Sport of Choice: cycling (road and mtn bike), hiking, running, snowshoeing

Hobbies: traveling, photography, reading, knitting

2012 Race Plans: Mercedes ½ marathon, Birmingham, AL, Seaside 5K, Seaside Florida, Chatham Harbor Run 10K, Four on the fourth – Keene, NH, Seacoast Century ride Hampton Beach NH, Run, Walk and Roll 34 mile bike, Brattleboro VT

What makes you a Tough Chik: I am not as tough as I am stubborn. And probably not so much a tough ‘chik’ as a “tough old bird”!   At age 50 I cycled my first century ride along the coast of New Hampshire (eight long hours in the seat!) and in Feb of this year at 51 years young I will be running my first half marathon. I am slow but determined…

Fun Fact: Travel is my passion and bike touring is my favorite kind of vacation. So far I have toured five European countries on a bicycle – Germany, Austria, Ireland, Spain and the HILLS of Tuscany Italy ….the plan is to cycle Southern France next!


Name: Charlene

Location: Yellowknife Northwest Territories

Sport of Choice: Running

2012 Race Plans: Calgary L’Arche Half Marathon – March 24th, Florence Marathon – November 25, 2012, Yellowknife Half Marathon – August 12,2012

What make you a Tough Chik: I am a mother of 2, I am a mine rescue captain and a geologist. I live off the grid in ice road country in the far north. Living off the grid here means I carry a lot of wood; I fill generators with gas and keep a whole house running out on an ice road in – 40 weather. I work 12-hour days and find time for training, my love and my kids. I get a lot done, because I have to.

Fun Fact: I’m convinced if I had watched Footloose while pregnant with my son his name would be Ren instead of Nole. The road I lived on is featured in Ice Road Truckers season 1. My house is exactly 13.1 miles from town. Me and My sister can both do killer impressions of Yogi Bear and Huckle Berry Hound singing blue suede shoes. I can’t even remember when we developed this skill 🙂


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