Race on the Base Rev Tri

27 Feb

On Saturday I participated in the Race on the Base Reverse Sprint Triathlon.  A reverse refers to the order of events, (you don’t race backwards) so you run first, then cycle and swim last.  Most reverse triathlons conduct the swim portion in a pool, that is why they put it last.  I would be pretty difficult to get everyone in the pool at the same time to start!

My bestie, Molly, was kind enough to wake up early on a Saturday morning and go to the race with me.  And like the name implies, the race was on a small base in Los Alamitos, CA (which is south of Long Beach).  The run and cycling portion of the race were on an air strip so it was flat.

I don’t race in run only events very often, in fact it has been over a year since I participated in a running race!  So every time I have ran in a race, it has been after a swim and a cycle, not off the gun.  This race was significantly smaller than the other tris I have participated, which was nice but it was a little more disorganized than events in the past.  For instance, the rev triathletes were trying to get to transition to set up but had to cross the road were the jr. triathletes were racing.  Small things like that, but I got set up and listened to the mandatory pre-race meeting and walked over to the start.  There were only 2 waves, so each wave was pretty big.


The gun went off and we all started the run, men, women and all age groups.  So off we went and I did not feel good.  I was hoping that it was just cold muscles and I would fall into a rhythm.  That did not happen.  At the one mile mark, I looked at my Garmin and noticed that it was 8 min.  An 8 min mile is wayyyy to fast for me.  I. MUST. SLOW. DOWN.  I tried to slow my pace and felt like I was falling behind.  At the 2 mile mark, I was feeling bad!  My legs were heavy, my stomach was wrenching, I was not having fun.  As I watched everyone (it felt like it) pass me, I was promising my self that I would not walk…just keep moving.  In my head I was telling my self that people passing me were thinking “yeah, right…tough chik..sure…”  I was praying for the run to be over, dreaming of getting on my bike.  I made a deal with myself that I would never do a rev tri again and that I would keep running until I got to transition and I would walk in transition. Run time 32:27 (3.7 miles) 8:46 pace – no wonder I felt like @#$&, I don’t normally run that fast

I finally got to transition and I walked to my bike.  Grabbed some food and took my time.  I got about 20 steps away from my spot and realized that I wasn’t wearing my helmet.  This is NOT my day!  T1 time 3:01 (most were in the 1:30 area, so I was obviously trying to re-group)

I gabbed pinky and got on the air strip for the bike portion.  They has the run and bike separated by cones, but basically you were ridding the same loop you just ran.  The bike was 3 laps and we know that I am not always good with laps, but this time I had a working trip computer and I was good to go.  I also allowed myself (I make a lot of “deals” with myself) that I would take the first straight away easy to let my legs recover before I started to push it.  I took it easy to start, grabbed some water, adjusted my lopsided helmet and then I was ready to race.  I dropped into my drops and started to pick up my pace.  I was riding about 20 mph pretty comfortably, so I tried to stay at that pace.  At the beginning of the second lap, this girl to my left started to creep up in front of me (the first woman to pass me) so I kicked it up a little to keep pace with her.  We played cat and mouse for the next 2 laps and at the end of the last last she came up next to me and said “Hi, it is me again.”  We chuckled and she asked if I was in Palm Spring a few weeks back!  Come to find out, she visited my booth in Palm Springs a few weeks ago!  The ride was great, flat, fast and FUN!  We had a little of a headwind, but I am not complaining. Cycle time 40:53 (13.1 miles) 19.2 mph pace

Transition 2 was awkward, I have never had to put on a swim cap and goggles while running.  My little pampered footsies are not use to the rough ground (I am NOT a barefoot gal) so running on the gravel was a little interesting.  T2 time 2:34

The swim was short and sweet! 200 yards is a warm up for me, so it really didn’t feel like it was a big part of the race.  The pool was longer than a normal Olympic pool and we swan a length, duck under the lane divider, swim a length, under the divider and so on. Swim time 5:21.  Not stellar, but I was tired.


too funny, I guess he was spent

My grand exit! - the finish line

I had a Garmin fail, I really need a tutor for this thing!  Anyway, I knew that my time wasn’t terrible, but I did not feel good.  Molly met me at the finish and I grabbed my medal.  We went over to the side and I gave her the low down of the race.  My stomach was still sour and I was tired.  She asked if I wanted medal photos and I wasn’t up to it.  So these are the only photos from the race.

Later that evening I check the website and to my disbelief, I finished 6th.  I CAME IN 6!!! WOO HOO!  That is 6th in my age group out of 58 women and 221/897 overall.  It is amazing that how a great time can erase all the bad memories!  If I was a little quicker on my transitions and swam a little faster, i might have broke top 3.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda…I am happy with 6 and 2 days later I am still on cloud 9!


3 Responses to “Race on the Base Rev Tri”

  1. Stephanie Anne February 27, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    Awesome race!!

  2. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom February 28, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Thats so awesome Shannon!!! Congrats on an awesome race 🙂

  3. Laura M February 28, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    Congrats, Shannon! 6th in your age group is awesome. Wish you were going to the Desert Tri in La Quinta this weekend. Would love to see you again. Maybe we’ll meet up again soon with the Trail Angels. 🙂

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