Tour de Palm Springs

15 Feb

What a great weekend!  After the success at Tour de Tucson, I decided to participate in another bicycle tour and see if it was a fluke or if Tours were a good avenue for sale.  I was NOT disappointed.

Angela and I woke up early on Friday and drove out to Palm Springs from my place in the OC, about a 2 hr drive.  We arrived in downtown Palm Springs where they were shutting down the street for the 2 day event.  We grabbed some coffee and set up the mobile Tough Chik Store, by noon we were ready to open for business.

Happy Customers!

3 Toughies


I opted for the 56 mile distance, knowing that I would be on my feet for 8+ hours the day before, I thought 100 might be pushing it, plus I couldn’t leave the tent that long.  The initial plan was to shut the tent down and ride, then re-open when we completed the ride.  But Angela was so generous and said that she would stay back and work the tent.  SO SWEET! 🙂

Pre Ride (Shannon and Malia)

Fellow team-mate and friend Malia was also riding the 56 mile.  We had heard about wind warnings but of course there were all versions of the story.  Some said that it just applied for overnight, some said that the wind wasn’t going to pick up until noon.  I wasn’t too bad downtown at the start, so I didn’t really think much about it.  As we travel out of the protected downtown area, it was apparent that the wind was bad, in fact the worst I have ever been in (and I have ridden in a lot of different conditions).  Gusts would actually blow people off their bikes!  Sand was blowing in your face, cyclists were bunching up to protect each other from the wind, it was dangerous to say the least.  Plus this is the start, so everyone is ancy and wanting to get out in front.  A few times I even thought that I might bail at the first SAG (which a lot of people did).  But I am tough and kept on pedaling.

I skipped the first stop, as I was trying to treat this as a race, plus it was crazy.  After the first stop we did turn out of the wind for a while and I kicked into another gear.  A lot of riders were  beaten down by the wind, but I dug deep and Pinky and I started to kick some butt.  I have to admit that I had a very good time passing folks, especially boy with more expensive bikes.  I would love to have a camera on the back of my bike and catch the expression of the riders that were passed by this…

Never Underestimate a Chik in PINK!

I did ride though the second stop and picked up a Clif bar and moved on.  When I stopped my legs started to fatigue, so I knew I needed to just keep riding.  The rest of the ride was pretty much the same until the last 10-15 miles and I hit a wall!  I ride a lot in the 25-35 mile distance and know how to fuel and hydrate for that distance.  Of course this was longer, not to mention the extra effort to fight the wind, and I bonked.  The last 10 miles were a head wind back to down town and I just felt beaten down and worn out.  All good lessons, I know I need to work on my nutrition for the longer distance, but I also gained some confidence and I am not AS worried about racing Sea Otter as I was prior.  But I do have some things to work on.

Thank you to all the wonderful people we met in Palm Springs, we have a lot of more tougies added to the flock!  Taken over the world, one Tough Chik at a time 🙂


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  1. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom February 15, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Great job!

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