Friday Fun Day! Meet these fun Toughies!!!

3 Feb


Name: Becky

Location: Washington DC

Sport of Choice: Swimming, running

Hobbies: baking, spinning, crocheting, reading, mommy-ing

2012 Race Plans: Washington DC Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon, Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon, Richmond, VA Full Marathon

What make you a Tough Chik: I’m a mom, wife, friend, professor, and athlete. I started out as a competitive swimmer and since have become a runner and triathlete. I’m a goal setter and achiever. I fully live up to the motto “go hard or go home”. I love a challenge and am, therefore, gunning to run a sub-4 hour marathon this fall (just one year after giving birth to my second baby).


Fun Fact: 1. Got engaged in the middle of a long run during my first marathon training cycle (my husband and I have run three marathons together). 2. In 2010, I was inducted into my high school’s athletic hall of fame!


Name: Sarah

Location: Seaford, NY (Long Island)

Sport of Choice: Running

Hobbies: travel, reading

2012 race Plans: More Half Marathon 4/12; MCM 10/12

What makes you a Tough Chik: I love pushing myself hard.  And I always finish with a smile on my face.


Fun Fact: I teach English Language Learners in NYC!


Name: Brandy

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Sport of Choice: Running

Other Hobbies: sewing, biking, reading,

2012 Race Plans: Austin Marathon in February, Tupelo Marathon in September

What make you a Tough Chik: I persevere no matter what.  I may not be the fastest but I love racking up the miles week after week.    “”What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us.” –   Ralph Waldo Emerson


Fun Fact: In 1998 I won first place in The Southern Naturals fitness pageant. I’ve since retired!


One Response to “Friday Fun Day! Meet these fun Toughies!!!”

  1. Patrick Mahoney February 3, 2012 at 9:53 am #

    Good seeing you guys last night.

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