Introducing Team Tough Chik Members Lauren, Mara and Jennifer

25 Jan


Name: Lauren

Location: Big Bear Lake, Cali

Sport of Choice: Triathlons!!! and mud runs 🙂 and other fun things outside

Other Hobbies: run, bike, swim, hike, snowshoe, kayak, stand up paddleboard, gym rat, book worm, spinning in circles, hula hoops, climbing up trees (I tend to have trouble getting down)

2012 Race Plans: Irongirl Las Vegas; Irongirl Del Mar; Tough Mudder; Conquer the Bear (Snowshoe, Paddle, Bike, Trail run);I also want to do some other tris but haven’t decided which ones.

What make you a Tough Chik: I don’t let fear get in my way. I signed up for my first tri when I was afraid of swimming. I now love it, and am addicted to the sport of triathlon (even though I cried my way through the entire race, I finished the stupid thing, then came back the next year and finished 45 mins faster). I am currently registered for a Tough Mudder in July, which has 12’ wall climbs and a 15’ jump into a lake, and I am afraid of heights. Doing these events has helped me get over my fears and have showed me just how tough I am.

Fun Fact: I have flown on NASA’s KC-135 aka. the “Weightless Wonder” aka the “Vomit Comet” and did not throw up. It is the plane NASA uses to train astronauts in zero gravity before flights.


Name: Mara

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Sport of Choice: Running

Other Hobbies: Mom, sleep, trying not to eat chocolate

2012 Race Plans: Starting with a New Years Day Dash (5 miles), currently training for a half marathon in either March or April 2012 (TBD), then who knows?!

What make you a Tough Chik: This is a tough one! I’m not sure I qualify as a tough chik but man, do I want to! Here’s my 411 — From August 2010 to August 2011, I lost 100 lbs. When I started I couldn’t walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. After losing 80 lbs, I started running in May 2011. I ran my first 5K on Thanksgiving  (29:22).  I am 4 weeks into half marathon training with a race   (TBD) in March/April 2012. After that, I am   not sure if I will branch out and take up swimming again (swam long distance freestyle in my youth) with ultimate hopes of a marathon, or keep on with the singular focus on running.

Blog URL:

Fun Fact: I used to live in a castle. No joke. In England. I studied abroad in college and lived in Durham Castle while attending the University College at the University of Durham.   Check it out:,_Durham


Name: Jennifer

Location: Ridgewood, NJ

Sport of Choice: Triathlon and Running

Other Hobbies: I am a mommy of 2 very active kids, a triathlon coach, and love to read

2012 Race Plans: March: NYC ½ Marathon-NYC May: Rhoto Ironman 70.3-Florida July: NYC Triathlon-NYC August: Volunteer NYC Ironman, USAT Sprint Nationals- VT, Trifitness Women’s Triathlon-CT September: Nation’s Triathlon-DC And any other races that I can squeeze in!!

What make you a Tough Chik: I love to TRI and race!  I am the proud mommy of a little girl (and a teenaged boy) who is incredibly proud of me when I cross the finish line of a race.  She doesn’t care if I come in first or last, she is always there to cheer.  My goal is for her to grow up knowing that she can accomplish any goal as long as she keeps putting one foot in front of the other!  Strong and powerful! – that is our motto!

Blog URL: Coming soon =)

Fun Fact: Due to my husband’s job, we have moved 13 times in 15 years of marriage!  And I fear that we are not done yet!


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