Last Day to Join These Awesome Tough Chiks!

7 Jan




Name: Becky

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Sport of Choice: Mud Runs, Softball, Indoor Rock Climbing, Rowing

Other Hobbies: Knitting, Crocheting, Reading

2012 Race Plans: Shooting for my first half marathon and other random runs that come up.

What Makes You A Tough Chik?: I actually don’t really like running, but it’s great exercise, it’s basically free, and it helps combat my asthma. I would like to improve my running and maybe one day, I’ll actually enjoy it.

Fun Fact: If I’m going to run, I’d rather do it with mud and obstacles.


Name: Beth

Location: Vacaville, CA

Sport of Choice: Triathlon & Running

Other Hobbies: whatever my kids are doing, lately that is BMX racing

2012 Race Plans: Haven’t decided all of my 2012 races. A few 1/2 marathons and Olympic TRI’s for sure.  Not sure if I will do an HIM this year….

What Makes You A Tough Chik?:  I have to remind myself that I am tough and I am an athlete.  I like when people give you that look and you know they are thinking “You ran/biked/ etc how far???? without someone chasing you? you are crazy” While I am not the fastest out there, I am there and I enjoy challenging myself.

Blog URL:

Fun Fact: For our wedding we got a tandem bike and for our honeymoon we rode from CT to Philadelphia.  That tandem is probably the only bike that we will never get rid of (we have had it for 13 years).


Name: Deihdra

Location: Glen Rock, NJ

Sport of Choice: Triathlon

Other Hobbies: blogging, photography, reading

2012 Race Plans: San Juan 70.3, Rev3 Knoxville, SheRox PA, Pumpkin Man

What Makes You A Tough Chik?:  While life is tough for many people, myself included, I find competing in triathlon one of the toughest things in life.  At least for me it is.  I’m not your typical triathlete, I’ve never been an athlete in my life.  I’ve always hated to work out, hated anything that required too much of my energy until the ripe ole age of 36 did I get bit by the beloved triathlon bug and it’s been an amazing journey ever since my very first race – which was just last year!  This past year I completed 7 races and had the best time doing it!  What I find the toughest of all toughes is staying motivated to train.  I love to race!  I could race every single weekend but training is so difficult for me and it’s a constant internal battle.

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Fun Fact: I spend $11/day at Starbucks but I don’t drink coffee.


Today is the last day to join Team Tough Chik.  Go HERE to find out how.


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