Meet More Toughies : XLMIC, Andrea and Almine

6 Jan




 Name: Andrea
Location: Lexington, KY
Sport of Choice: Triathlon
Other Hobbies: Kayak, Hiking, Running, Blogging
2012 Race Plans: Atlanta Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon in May
What Makes You A Tough Chik?: I have always wanted to do a triathlon.  At age 37 I signed up for one.  Never mind I didn’t swim, bike or run at the time.  I put in the hard work & crossed the finish line with a big ‘ole smile on my face.    Now I am hooked! 
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Fun Fact: I had my left kidney removed in 2001.  In 2002 I adopted my dog from U of Wisconsin.  She also has one kidney due to research.  I named her Karma.  It just fit.


Screen Name: XLMIC
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Sport of Choice: Running
Other Hobbies: travel, reading, movies, hiking
2012 Race Plans: Oakland Marathon Relay, 3/12; Eugene Marathon, 4/12; SF Half-Marathon, 7/12
What Makes You a Tough Chik?: I’m always up for a challenge. 
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Fun Fact: In 1991, I met Fidel Castro and was in People magazine as a result of my participation in the PanAmerican Games that year in Havana, Cuba.


Name: Almine
Location: Bend, OR
Sport of Choice: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Adventure Racing, Trail-Running, Mtn. Biking
Other Hobbies: Don’t have enough time in the day to squeeze in much more than the above activities.  🙂
2012 Race Plans: “Tour of the Heart,” Jan., 1/28 “Mt. Bachelor” snowshoe race,  several Adventure Races are in the works too 🙂
What Makes You a Tough Chik?: Have you got all day?  🙂
Blog URL:
Fun Fact: I began traveling the world, with a backpack on, when I was 18 yrs. old.  Its taken me to some remote and amazing places.   
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One Response to “Meet More Toughies : XLMIC, Andrea and Almine”

  1. XLMIC January 6, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    I sound so boring. LOL.

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