Meet Team Tough Chik Members – Jess and Jenna

23 Dec


Name: Jess

Location: Peoria, IL

Sport of Choice: Running

Other Hobbies: graphic design, reading and blogging of course!

2012 Race Plans: Myrtle Beach Half (Feb), a bunch of Halfs in the spring and hopefully the Madison-Chicago Ragnar Ultra in June!

What makes you a Tough Chik: As I challenge myself to take on new adventures, I’m amazed at the happiness it’s brought to my life!  Nothing can hold me back from getting my run on!

Blog URL:

Fun Fact: I completed my first marathon in 2011.  I have two adorable little runner girls, age 3 and 5.



Name: Jenna

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Sport of Choice: Triathlon, Running

Other Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, Traveling

2012 Race Plans: Ironman Louisville 2012, Boston Marathon, Rev 3, and Sacramento International Marathon

What make you a Tough Chik: When I was a graduate student, I ran my first 5k with my friend Amy. I remember thinking I had conquered the world. I fell in love with running. A few seemingly short months later, she challenged me to run a half marathon with her. After my first half, I was officially hooked on endurance sports. I gradually worked my way into the marathon circuit and became even more addicted. In August of 2010, I watched my first Ironman race. I was mesmerized by those athletes. Without even completing a sprint tri, I decided that the following year, I too would become an Ironman. In August of 2011, I achieved my dream. I am by no means fast at any of the disciplines. I have had a bone mass removed from behind my right knee. I was not supposed to be able to participate in competitive sports; but as the Ironman motto states, “Anything is possible.” I am a firm believer in that. If an average person like me can achieve their dreams, so can anyone out there. I want to be that person that encourages you to go for it!  What makes me a Tough Chik is perseverance and determination. I look forward to meeting all of you and working as your teammate!

Blog URL:

Fun Fact: I signed up for an Ironman without completing even a Sprint Tri.


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