Angela’s Call To The Cyclists Out There: “Come Play With Me”

21 Dec

Here is my plea to the cyclists out there who havent joined yet. Imagine me as a 4th grade school girl, with a grass stain on my jeans, and mud in my hair because I have been playing soccer at recess with the boys, because none of the other girls want to play any sports… so im stuck with the boys. Imagine me looking over at the other little girls sitting together with their hair in curls, in their pretty dresses. I just want some other girls to play with. 

Fellow Team Tough Chik Lauren is really more of a roadie, but I got her on dirt last year! We are overlooking Big Bear Lake!

Well imagine me now. Im on this awesome team, Team Tough Chik, and I love it. I am surrounded by women from across not only the US, but also Toughies from Australia, South Africa, Canada, etc!!! If we were all in the same room, only a handful of us would be cyclists. Sure we have the Triathletes mixed in the process, but right now the majority of the ladies on our amazing team consists of runners! Don’t get me wrong, I love runners, in fact I run… but I love my bike even more than my running shoes.

So here I am looking for a few good women to join us, some biker chiks, cause I want some friends to play with 🙂 Shannon and I are getting so excited about the upcoming Tour de Palm Springs, and it would be great to have some fellow Toughies out there to join us on one of the rides. So here it is ladies who ride bikes, you dont have to be a hard core racer to join the team. 

If you are someone who enjoys charity rides, or centuries, Team Tough Chik is for you! 

If you are a uber beginner and are just thinking about doing your first road race, mountain bike race or cycle cross race, Team Tough Chik is for you.

My first mountain bike race resulted in me getting off my bike quite a few times to go down technical sections, and my first road race (crit) had me dusted in the first lap only to get pulled. I loved these first races… even though I didnt podium, or win, I had fun, and did my best. And since then, heck Ive gotten a lot better!!! Its all about growth, and having fun. As I tell many little kids when they are first starting to ski, or ride their bike, I say the most important rule is if your not smiling, your not doing it right. So dont feel like you have to be a hard core cyclist to join. We embrace the beginner. Heck were getting ready to do a basic bike maintenance clinic, and some future group rides in the mix.

Ladies only bike rides are the best!

So I invite you ladies who love to ride, but who may be a bit timid or nervous about racing, to give us a shot. I want some cyclist friends to play with. I have a ton of triathlete and runner ladies to have fun with, now im looking for the ladies that know what keeping the rubber side down means. The ladies that understand what I mean when I say “two wheels, one love,” the ladies who feel their mood pick up when they clip into their pedals. Im talking to you!

 Join me, join Shannon, and join the over 55 other TOUGH women who have joined the team. I am so excited to see what this next year brings, and to meet you ladies. I cant wait for the moment when a Toughie is crossing a finish line to be greeted by her team mate, to be cheered on, and to even finish with a fellow Tough Chik.

This is going to be a great year.

Join us.

Because this is what Tough Looks Like.




2 Responses to “Angela’s Call To The Cyclists Out There: “Come Play With Me””

  1. Patrick Mahoney December 22, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    Are those knee high argyle socks tough chik brand? They are freakin’ dope.

    • toughchik December 23, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

      I wish, I have been on the hunt for a good sock manufacture with no luck. Know any?

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