Join now, Team Tough Chik is HERE!

14 Nov

Dear Tough Chiks-

Welcome to Team Tough Chik, a team for all women!  Our mission is to encourage each other to get out there and have fun!  We see all team members as contributing members, whether you podium or persevere, all that matters is that you are out there doing what YOU love to do.

A lot of teams out there focus their attention on attracting only elite athletes, but that’s just not what Tough Chik exclusively represents.  So we threw out the “rules” and decided to design a team for everyone.

This is how Team Tough Chik will work:

1.     We will require you to purchase one of the exclusive, Team Tough Chik, discounted, race packages.   Please consult the size chart and know that Tough Chik items do tend to run small, so when in doubt order up.

We will be accepting orders until January 1st, with delivery in mid-March.  Your team discount will be active January 1st and will be included with your order confirmation and will be available for use until December 31, 2012.

·        You cannot use your discount  (or any other discount codes) on your team package purchase.

·        Once or when you purchase a Team Tough Chik package, you can also purchase add-ons, which are Team Tough Chik items sold individually at a discounted price.

2.     After you order you Team Tough Chik package, we will send out a questionnaire to learn more about you and your interests.  If you desire, we will then post your photo and bio on our web site by location.  This way you can find team members in your area or meet up with other Tough Chiks on vacation or destination races.

3.     Once your Team Tough Chik “uniform” is available (mid-March) we will send it out to you with a big box of goodies from all of the Team Tough Chik supporters (and we have some good ones).

4.     We will require you to race one race, of your choice, in your Team Tough Chik uniform and brag, blog, facebook, tweet and share your experience with us.  We want to hear about it!  Send us photos, tags us on your photos, social media us so we can brag about you!

If you have ANY questions about Team Tough Chik, please feel free to email us at  If you have any questions about the apparel, sizing, etc…please email Shannon at

Tough love,
Angela and Shannon
Team Tough Chik


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