Guest Blogger – Angela, Tough Chik Team Co-Captain

7 Nov

I thought that this would be a great time to introduce you Toughies to Angela, so I asked her to write a post for the Tough Chik Blog.  She has a great story that I think a lot of you can relate to and she is the co-founder and co-captain to out awesome new team!  So here is Angela in her own words…

Well I guess I should start off by introducing myself.  For those of you who have expressed interest in the new Tough Chik team, you may have received an email from me, or from both Shannon and I.  You are all probably going, who is this Angela girl, and what is her involvement with the new team?  Well, here is the series of events that put me in touch with the Tough Queen herself Miss Shannon.

As a young girl I would often ditch the gossip circles at recess with the girls to go play soccer or football with the boys.  My daddy raised me to be a self-sufficient camper, and outdoorsy girl, and I always love the chance to get outside.  Fast forward through college where hiking, ultimate frisbee and a good salsa dance were the extent of my physical activity, to three years ago when I moved to Big Bear Lake, Ca.  The place is an outdoor playground for all seasons and I quickly found myself surrounded by athletes of all sporting creeds.  I started mountain biking.  I loved it.  I was hooked.  Then I started doing more… running, paddling, mud runs, even a few snowshoe races.  I was hooked to not only mountain biking, but in pushing myself and competing in general.  It isn’t about winning.  It’s about accomplishing things I never thought I could do, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and finishing.  Along the way I have made some amazing girl friends who I have competed with, cheered on, supported, been supported by, taught and been taught by.  I dreamed of a team that I could ride, run, paddle, etc for that was made up completely of women.

Mud Run - I'm the one on the right giving someone a piggy back ride

Rewind a bit to the Interbike tradeshow of 2010 when I stopped by the Tough Chik booth.  If you haven’t been to Interbike… its massive, thousands of booths, and it’s almost impossible to stop by all of them. So I would pass by many booths, but Tough Chik caught my eye.  I loved Shannon’s designs, I loved the name, and she was awesome.  She sent me away with a bag full of Tough Chik wet wipes and I used them at every race I went to over the next few months.  I followed Tough Chik on Facebook, and one day I noticed she would give shout outs to ladies that were racing that weekend.  I thought…. hmmm Tough Chik would be an awesome team.  All women, all different sports, anyone can join.  So we talked.  A team for women unlike any other.  No barriers to entry… other than you have to be a girl 😉 …. you can participate in any sport… and it doesn’t matter what level you are at… from 1st timer to long timer the team is for everyone.  I tried out a team that was just cycling, and it was mainly men.  I would go on rides with the guys, and it wasn’t the same as when I would ride with my ladies.  There is a different kind of support and camaraderie that comes with cheering on fellow women.  I am so very excited about what Team Tough Chik has in store.  The possibilities are endless.

Angela - Mt. Bike Race

– Angela


3 Responses to “Guest Blogger – Angela, Tough Chik Team Co-Captain”

  1. milesmusclesmom November 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    Nice to “meet” you!! I agree, it is going to be awesome!!

  2. Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom November 8, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    Nice to meet you Angela! I cannot wait for this. It’s so exciting 🙂


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