Toughies Unite!

24 Oct

Many of you know the story behind the name “Tough Chik” (if you don’t, you can read it here)  We have run contests and raffles over the years to hear what makes you a Tough Chik.  I always love to hear the different interpretations of what it means to be a Tough Chik.  Sometimes it is physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes it is even comical and it is always inspirational.

This weekend I received an email that I would like to share with you…

i’ve got a cool story for u gals:

last yr, i got a green tc shirt.  my girlfriend thought i needed the shirt since my husband left me in july to find happy with an affair partner.  the 5 kids and i were gasping for air.  i didn’t want to put on the tshirt bec. it would require me to live up to it.  i did put it on thou and followed suit.  

i wore it to sleep and exercise and everywhere in between.  it had holes in it after much wear.  

the following april, my tc girlfriend lost her son.  she loves this type of yummy clothing.  i hesitantly stripped off the shirt and gave it to her.  it was such a happy gift of luv to pass along.  thanks for making it possible to have this story for my heart.

We emailed back and forth over the course of the morning and I asked her if I could share her story with you.  Her response…

of course u can share it;  stories and connectivity are what tie us toughies together, girl!

“Toughies”…I loved it!  We are toughies!  What a great new nickname.  I told her (jokingly) that I wanted to steal it.  Her response…

don’t steal;  i am a sharing girl!

Spoken like a true mother of 5, don’t you think?

I have chosen to run my business a certain way.  I could sell more shirts if I sold to every bike shop and internet bike/tri store, but I would loose touch with my toughies.  I could stick to just sitting behind a computer and taking orders on-line and not traveling ever other weekend setting up a tent at expos all over CA and AZ, but that is what feeds my soul.  This is the good stuff.  I had a woman stop by my tent at a marathon expo and she looked around for quiet awhile.  She finally settled on a visor.  She informed me that this was her first race and she couldn’t fit into any of my clothes, so she was just going to take the visor.  But she quickly added that she was going to be back and she was going to fit into one of my shirts.  Sure enough, one year later at the same race she came back and bought a shirt!

We are all tough and it isn’t the shirt that makes you that way, but sometimes I feel like it gives you something to live up to it and we all need that little push now and then.

If you have an inspirational story and would like to share it, please e-mail me at  Toughies unite and inspire each other!


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