Just keep tri-ing

6 Oct

So as soon as I posted my Mission Bay Tri recap my faithful Tough Chik’s posted “when are you doing your next tri?”  I felt like a woman who just got married and the in-laws were already asking about the babies.  But my gals know me way too well and know that I was already debating the next event.  I was actually thinking about it before the first race.

Tough Chik will be celebrating her 2nd birthday at the SheROX Women’s Triathlon in San Diego (formerly the U.S. Women’s Triathlon) and I have always wanted to participate but it is a HUGE event for us.  It is hard for me to race an event I am working.  You wake up early to set up, setting up is physical and we work through meals, you are on your feet and there is never enough water (plus port-a-pottys which always curb your fluid intake).  Then I looked at the course and it was very similar to Mission Bay and in a moment of weakness, insanity or inspiration I signed up.  I am already trained, right?  Might as well give it a tri? hee hee

So yes, I did it.  On October 16th I am participating in my 2nd tri, another sprint in San Diego.  There will be a lot of Tough Chik’s racing this one, so I am excited to be racing with my ladies and I hope I don’t embarrass the brand!  The swim is 750m, which felt the 500m swim last weekend was long, so this will be interesting.


One Response to “Just keep tri-ing”

  1. Michelle Bouchard October 6, 2011 at 11:51 am #

    Someone has caught the tri bug….. 🙂 Good for you! I’m looking forward to next spring to get going again.

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