Run Naked…it is harder than it looks

28 Sep

Yesterday was my last run before my first tri this weekend and I ran NAKED.  Okay, I wasn’t literally naked, I am too self conscious to run in just a sports bra let alone naked.  But I was without some of my running essentials and I felt naked.

I want to simulate the run section of the race so I ran without socks…

and without an iPod.

No iPod - Race Style

I really, really missed the iPod.  I NEVER run without it and I have even been know to sneak it in on races.  Shhh!  I was a firm believer that I would run slower without it.  Music revs me up and distracts me so I can’t hear my breath.  I haven’t previously tested me theory, but I firmly stood behind it.  As I was walking from my house to the lake, I felt alone and vulnerable and I am not being dramatic.  It was like waiting for a friend or date at a bar with out a drink, “what do I do with my hands”.  I was thinking that people are looking at me, seriously I am this paranoid.  As I waited for the light to change to cross the street I just stood there, typically I would be flipping through my playlist…”do I feel like girl power or grunge…”  But now I had nothing to do…Oh, stretch….I will stretch, look like you belong…

I also thought that I might want to race with a water bottle.  I typically do not bring hydration with me for anything under 5 or 6 miles, but since I LOVE to drink salt water when I swim (read sarcasm, but I do drink an absurd amount of water) I knew I would be thirsty, so I thought I would give it a whirl.  I bought this cute little hand-held water bottle and I was forward thinking enough to know that I need to try it out at least once before the race.  I was concerned I would scrunch up my arm and tense my shoulder.

Cute Little Hand Held Water Bottle


No socks: I have run without socks during bricks, so this wasn’t totally new, BUT I ran in my new Asics with my insoles and the insoles rubbed against my toes and I started developing a blister.  Verdict, go without the insoles for the race (I do run short distances in my Nike’s without the insoles, maybe I will run in my Nike’s instead…although they are not as cute…game time decision)

No iPod: I WAS RIGHT!  I do run slower without the iPod and my mind wanders a lot more.  I don’t concentrate on my form and I blog in my head (does anyone else do that or am I crazy?) Verdict: I can’t race with the iPod, so I have to suck it up.  I am thinking that in a race setting, my pace will be faster just to keep up with the stronger runners.

Water bottle: I HATED running with something in my hand.  On long runs I have always sported the very sexy hydration belt because I love the way it accents my hips and I feel like a running cowboy with holster of water.  Like a vigilante waging a war against dehydration and bonking.  I digress… When I started running I had a tendency to tense up my shoulders, so I knew that this was a distinct possibility that the water bottle might wreak havoc on my shoulder and I was right.  This morning I woke up with some pain in between my shoulder blades.  It also changed my rhythm and ultimately I feel my form.  Yes, a little water bottle threw off the whole run!  So, no water bottle during race.  I will take advantage of the provided water and I am sure that will be fine for a short 5K.

Tonight is my last spin class, I would like to get on the actual bike but that doesn’t work with my schedule 😦 and then Thursday is my last swim in the ocean with Trainer Ali!  Whoo hoo!  Sunday will be here before we know it!


One Response to “Run Naked…it is harder than it looks”

  1. molly September 29, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    I love cowboy holsters of water! You are going to be amazing on Sunday even naked! Love you!

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